1. johnny bravo

    tomtom go mobile on samsung s8 problem

    hi guys - ive got a samsung s8 and im trying to install tomtom go on it i have the latest patched version Tomtom_Go_v1.16.1_Build_2077_Patched_By_DeltaFoX.apk, anyway, ihave it working on my htc m8 at the moment and i know how to set it as, now when i install it on my samsung s8, the same way i...
  2. johnny bravo

    uk map needed

    hi - time to update my maps, trying to downlod Map United_Kingdom_and_Republic_of_Ireland_990_8306 but they are all in parts and would take days lol, anyone got a link where i can downlaod in one go, torrent link etc ?..cheers