1. petjanjess

    Fast forward no sound

    5402 playing film 4 via USB recording fast forward the ads and lose the sound not only the recording but also the live TV. Has anyone an idea how to fix baffled. Have to shut down completely to fix but as soon as you fast forward same thing.
  2. O


    Hi all, I have not been on this forum for years but have a problem thats baffling me. My 5402 keeps locking up, totally unresponsive, but only when the internet is connected.Sometimes it locks after 3 mins, sometimes an hour.The only cure is a reboot. Without the internet plugged in its fine...
  3. O

    AFN 9e

    Have the AFN channels now gone the same way as the MTN WORLD WIDE channels at 20e. If so looks like, one up to the satellite providers !! Any software update looks a very long way off, with Technomate !!! DEN
  4. digi247

    28.2° East Channel List TM/DrHD/Blade 10/07/2017 2017-07-13

    **Update** 10/07/2017 MUTV HD