1. joe516

    Reports that Sky Sports will HD only from October 1st

    All Sky Sports channels will only be shown in HD from October, the broadcaster has begun telling customers. And while it's yet to give full details of the changes, if you get full Sky Sports, aren't on a promo deal and don't currently watch in HD, your bill may rise by £24/year - even if your TV...
  2. joe516

    sky lose la liga rights

    sky have lost the rights to show la liga from next season. Eleven sports has got the contract, Sky Sports lose La Liga rights in UK as 20-year association is ended
  3. avid

    Murdoch bid for Sky challenged by US giant

    Murdoch bid for Sky challenged by US giant
  4. joe516

    Sky billed man £85k for illegal boxing stream

    Looks like a friend used his iPad and streamed the event and I guess his sky account number popped up and got him caught Man handed £85,000 Sky bill after friend streamed Anthony Joshua fight | Metro News
  5. dar1437

    Serving a live channel?

    Just curious as to how one would go about serving lets say SS1 HD through an addon? Are they using a soert of SlingBox connected to a Sly HD reciever? :)