1. madnlooney

    FOR SALE : Samsung MZ-V7E500BW 970 EVO 500 GB NVMe M.2

    I've got a 500gb EVO NVMe M.2 SSD for sale. its a spare as i had 2 but only going using the 1. Selling this new, only opened as i wanted to check it was inside after receiving it. price - £100 including postage. payment via pp
  2. Dutcho

    Mobile Phones Samsung S5

    Gents The Mrs has broken the screen on her phone. The digitizer is unresponsive so looking at another screen I guess. In the mean time is there away to recover data from it and put it on another phone so she's all her contacts etc ? Oh the phones passcoded and only the very bottom of screen...
  3. johnny bravo

    tomtom go mobile on samsung s8 problem

    hi guys - ive got a samsung s8 and im trying to install tomtom go on it i have the latest patched version Tomtom_Go_v1.16.1_Build_2077_Patched_By_DeltaFoX.apk, anyway, ihave it working on my htc m8 at the moment and i know how to set it as, now when i install it on my samsung s8, the same way i...
  4. johnny bravo

    samsung s8 plus deals

    hey guys - just noticed my sim only with three deal expires today, so i can leave them at last, basically 4g on three is terrible in my was looking for a good s8 deal contarct any ideas suggestions, cashbacks etc via topcashbacks or quidco...thanks