1. Grimeire

    Other Android tv remote recommandations

    Hey, I just got an android tv box the mibox. it can be a diaster to use with the remote as it is not a mouse and has no keyboard. would anyone recommend a decent bluetooth android tv remote. looking for something not too big that has a keyboard and track pad/mouse functionality.
  2. mas05

    No remote

    Hi guys I was given a denon avr-1800 amp the op lost the remote. Does anyone no if a universal remote will work on it. Mainly for vol as I can't be assed to get up...
  3. dave_c

    remote problem or not ?

    hi guys not sure if this is in the right section or not , have got a 37" baird tv , had it a few years now , but don't know the model number before anyone asks lol , the set was all working fine up until a few days ago , when the set seemed not to respond to the remote , anyway turned set off at...