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  1. carlos

    iptv with new VM Hub3

    I have a iptv sub and am getting the new VM Hub3 delivered next week. Does the new Hub give you a new IP address ? Will this affect my iptv sub ?
  2. GIO

    Other General IPTV EPG File

    Hi, Does anyone know if there is a general EPG that can be used in perfect player,guys i deal with stopped supporting the app and its pretty crap with epg. Ive looked into other apps but theirs not much about that's decent. cheers gio
  3. K

    For Sale - Wetek Play 2

    Selling WeTek Play 2 Hybrid Media Center 4K Ultra HD Box - hardly used and in excellent condition. WeTek Play 2 brings endless entertainment to your living room. Enjoy the latest movies and series in 4K UHD, play games, browse the internet, keep up with the news, or use the DVBS modular tuner...
  4. cyberice

    EPG Importer

    Hi all, Here's the story so far... running a VU Solo SE, OpenVix image latest one, I have got all my IPTV services into my EPG and updates fine, my problem is I cannot get my EPG data to populate, when I try its says 0 events. If I view the IPTV though XC Multi I can see the EPG data!!!! just...
  5. AJT

    What iptv box?

    Hi all I’m looking for a good dedicated box for IPTV. I have tried mag box 256 but not impressed I use enigma 2 at present but is crap at handling iptv. I want a good spec box that can also record iptv no problem and have epg of course.. Been looking online for days and days and all boxes look...
  6. AJT

    Mag 256 v Enigma 2.

    Hello I’m looking into getting a mag 256 but have absolutely no experience of mag boxes.. I know E2 well and currently have an iptv sub on my E2 box using Xtream plugin..I don’t use nor will use anything now but iptv on it. Now would there be any point in getting a mag 256? Would the box suit...
  7. AJT


    Hello I have a iptv multiroom sub so I can watch one channel while I record another I use Xstream plugin as it’s what my sub supplier uses and has an epg that is fair for iptv that populates through xtream. I have been pulling my hair out for weeks trying to work out why recordings fail even...
  8. Ferret

    TSmedia-12.0 full + updates-17092017 2017-09-18

    TSmedia-12.0 full + updates-17092017 fixed bugs, improved performance, fix video servers Code: 17-09-2017 new/Netmedia_plugin.video.vidmax_1.0.2 4.37 KB new/Arabic_plugin.video.royatv_1.0.0 9.22 KB new/Netmedia_plugin.image.easywallpapers_1.0.0 7.71 KB...
  9. Ferret

    [E2 PLUGIN DOWNLOAD] TSmedia-12.0 full+ updates-29082017 29.08.2017 - Update 2017-08-29

    TSmedia-12.0 full+ updates-29082017 29.08.2017 - Update thx @ mfaraj57
  10. Ferret

    [E2 PLUGIN DOWNLOAD] TSmedia-12.0 2017-08-26

    TSmedia-12.0 whats new: reduce plugin size(2.9mb),decrease graphic size and improve performance,many enhancements,change bootlogo Code: uninstall any old previous versions , delete any old folders , install new fresh .ipk
  11. Ferret

    [E2 PLUGIN DOWNLOAD] iptvplayer_178.00.01.00" 2017-08-26" whats new: -h***://alltube.tv/ - fix seach history -Add new host h***://kinox.to/
  12. avid

    Live Lounge beta 2 apk

    Tested and working...You will need to pick a default player in setting...
  13. J

    IPTV on VM BB works at my house not mates who is also on VM BB

    I setup a mate with a IPTV and it worked for a few days, he is on VM - using the superhub He has had problems last few weeks and cant get anything so I took box home with me, plugged into my VM and works with no issues The only difference is my VM super hub is modem only mode where as he VM...
  14. johnny bravo

    iptv channels all down

    hi guys strange thing happened , i had a 1 month sub with my iptv provider..all was working fine up until an hour ago...now im not getting absolutely nothing apart from uk gold that i can watch..thought id messed up my duo2 so i flashed the openblackhole image again...reinstalled iptv player...
  15. dar1437

    USA/CA Epg?

    I've got Epg for all the UK IPTV channels, but i can't get any info for the USA/ Canada channels. Is there an apk like TVGuide+ for these channels? Cheers, Dar
  16. C

    Buffering Issues Help

    I am currently subscribed to a paid IPTV service and it is mostly stable. However I am getting constant buffering every 60 - 90 seconds. It's only a short pause but it is annoying. I am running on a Ethernet connection and on speed tests I am getting an average of 150 d/l and 160 u/l so my...
  17. avid

    Live Lounge beta apk

    A mix of content but limited. The live sports seems to work and decent quality picture. Contains ads.
  18. Ferret

    [E2 PLUGIN DOWNLOAD] Box Office Plugin 2017-08-09

    Box Office Enigma2 Plugin VERSION 1.0 09/08/2017
  19. Ferret

    [E2 PLUGIN DOWNLOAD] IPTVPlayer 2017-08-08

    IPTVPlayer *Fix links extractor for the vshare.io hosting
  20. Ferret

    [E2 PLUGIN DOWNLOAD] IPTVPlayer New version "" 2017-08-07

    New version "" whats new: -Commit Hungarian translation prepared by @Blindspot -h***://www.tvnow.de/-list items by channel has been added -youtube.com-extract link for the live stream from /channel/live link