ip cameras to coax cable

  1. C

    Which coax?

    Hey guys What's the best coax cable to run between the wall and my zgemma h2h? I've ripped out the old wire installed by virgin. Can you believe it was 2 wires connected via a female female coupler. Thats probably what was giving me the weak signal. Cheers
  2. bilabonic

    Sensible Topic Anyone recommend a decent Dashboard Camera ?

    Hi All I have searched on here for any links for a decent Car Dashboard Camera, but there is nothing in Car/Car Satnav sections.... Anyone recommend a decent one and appropriate MicroSD card. Cheers.
  3. V

    Ip cctv

    Hi All I am very new to CCTV, but have a system in my house currently which is a IP POE based system. I am looking at fitting a CCTV system in my business to help reduce abusive comments and situations against my staff. Just wonder if it is worth going for the 4mega cameras or to go with...