1. K

    Looking for Blaupunkt code

    Hi everyone I'm new and looking forward to learning. I have a Blaupunkt TRAVELPILOT RNS 150 US BP1389y0289729 PART 7-612-001-389 Just bought a car with it installed and it didn't come with any manuals or code. Radio is asking for code in order to operate. Hope I provided the correct...
  2. srgberian

    Sensible Topic

    Hi looking for help with this
  3. wendellhill

    Kodi On iPhone

    Hello, Everyone, As per title is this possible I want to install Kodi on iPhone. besides jail-breaking ;)
  4. logic_187

    Help with oscam

    Hi iam trying to locate a full ipk version of oscam for openatv, however all i can find are oscam binary. It seems openatv have removed softcam install from the download menu as it fails. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  5. HibbyDave

    Windows 10 update problems

    I've started to get problems with windows 10 updates not installing etc, so I'm wanting to do a clean install, but the problem is I don't have a copy of win 10 pro, the one on the lappy was a free upgrade when they introduced win 10, I upgraded it from win 7 pro, so how does one get a copy and...
  6. mas05

    options please

    ok guys im well out off the loop these days, im from back in the fun card days.... I live in a none cable area so i guess thats out of the question now, so for us that live in a none cable area what is the best way to go? zgemma mag iptv ??????? i couldn't find a gen chit chat so chancing it...