1. Jerry Hansen

    My external drive isn't working in Windows 11

    Hello everyone! My external hard drive has stopped working. The disc is no longer readable. When I connect the drive to my computer, the system asks me to format it. It’s an HHD drive that was in FAT format, but now appears as RAW in the disc manager. I have important files on the drive. Can...
  2. Grimeire

    Warranty of WD HDD

    Hey, Has anyone gone down the road of replacing a western digital HDD. I have a 2TB passport ultra and its become very slow and i can heard clicking. It shows all the signs of failing so I opened a case with WD. Just wondering how long it takes and is it an easy process or do they try...
  3. Kryton

    Hardware Faulty HDD?

    I have been given a 2nd hand 3TB Western digital hard drive today. I installed into my pc (windows 10), when I go into disk management it asks me to initialise the disk, so I chose GPT but I get an error saying the drive cannot be converted because the size is less than the minimum size required...