1. Grimeire

    Dell SAS6/IR/LSI SAS 3081 [FREE]

    Hey, I have this Dell SAS6/IR RAID card that has been flashed to latest LSI SAS 3081 IT firmware P21 Mode. Going to throw it out so said I would put it here in case anyone wants it. This works perfect for Freenas/unraid/FreeBSD or other OSs that use ZFS. Since it is in IT mode you can...
  2. Him Her

    Linux My head may explode

    Merrily implementing FreeNAS for an in-house backup solution. The filesystem is ZFS. You have to implement a ZVOL to get Raid but no worries, figured that bit out. It's the connection part that confused but, hey-ho, it supports iSCSI. So, I connected it to several servers. This was unwise. It...