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  1. Marine Copper Band (Close up)

    Marine Copper Band (Close up)

    Sorry used my Iphone for these pictures, need to buy a new SLR! This is my copper band fish he is a very fussy eater, allot of reefers struggle to keep these longer than a few months, well I am happy to tell you this fish is 3 years old (well 3 since I bought him) he is about 5" long...
  2. Maroon Clown Fish (female) in Anemone

    Maroon Clown Fish (female) in Anemone

    This is a picture of My Female Maroon Clown Fish hosting in its Anemone, I have a pair of maroon clowns they can be a little more aggressive than normal percula clowns however they get quite a bit bigger and tend to be darker in colour. They regularly lay egg's, unfortunately these egg's do...