1. Mick

    Lutron HomeWorks QS Programming Software 3.0.0 Version 3.0.0

    This was requested by a member, this is version 3.0.0 of the Lutron HomeWorks QS System. THIS WILL ONLY WORK WITH LUTRON FIRMWARE REVISIONS 3, use the telnet commands to find out what revision you are using. Lutron Telnet Commands Manual
  2. B

    Netcard discussion

    Hello team I've netcard v5 and Netserver I need file ( firware ) to configure and use : - conax card - Viacess card - Nagra card I search on google but anywhere to find upload for this Thank all !
  3. johnny bravo

    duo2 suddenly died?

    hi guys - my duo2 was working perfectly up until half an hour ago...i was using flash fxp to connect to the box....anyway i was connected and was gonna edit a line in the var/keys....anyway i normally use a wireless mouse to navigate around but this time i was using the laptops touchpad, i dont...