1. dar1437

    WiFi scanner?

    Morning all, Does such a thing as a sort of WiFi scanner exist? What i mean is, a device that you could place by your router, and it would show every nearby (RF) signal (im assuming thats what they use?) Wi-fi/ Bluetooth/ cordless phones/ whatever, and exactly what frequency/ channel/ they were...
  2. P

    Home Brew Beer channel

    Does any one know of a home brew beer channel that's available via a Zgemma, and what software I would need to view it please ? Pesh Ive tried to post this before, if a moderator has removed it please let me know why, so I can stop makin the same mistakes.
  3. dar1437

    Serving a live channel?

    Just curious as to how one would go about serving lets say SS1 HD through an addon? Are they using a soert of SlingBox connected to a Sly HD reciever? :)