channel favourites on mag box 254

  1. kopernikus

    MAG box File missing error on MAG 256

    I have a MAG 256. It was working fine for the last 10 days. Now every channel has a '! file missing' error. Have rebooted my router, updated the firmware, done a factory reset, etc etc with no success. Have contacted the server provider who says I am offline, yet I can google on line and use...
  2. Darklordsbane

    Problem saving favourites on a Mag box 254

    Hi all, I recently bought a Mag box 254 I hooked it up to the server tons of channels, I want to move channels into my own choice, I believe you cannot do this on a Mag box 254, the only option it seems is to set up a favourites list then move them into your choice of channel numbers, I have...