1. miggy

    Touched by an Angel star dies

    Della Reese, 'Touched by an Angel' star, dies at 86 - CNN I don't know if you guys remember this lovely Lady?, but I know, she will be sadly missed. I loved watching touch by an Angel a very sad but entertaining programme. R.I.P Della Reese 😔
  2. dave_c

    strange problem

    i recently got a test line from a provider which worked fine , i then decided to go for a month sub which was on a diff server and was glitchy and freezing , i got in touch with provider and suggested to take out 12 mth sub as this would be on same server as the test line was , upon getting the...
  3. sneaker

    Unlimited Fibre 38 Vodafone £20

    Black Friday Broadband – just £20 a month. HERE I don't know if they are any good, 18 month contract.
  4. alimac

    SD Maid - System Cleaning Tool Final v4.8.6

    Requirements: 4.1+ Overview: This is a powerful tool! Use at own risk! Nobody is perfect and Android neither. Apps you have already deleted, sometimes leave data behind. The system constantly creates logs, crash reports and debug files you don't really need. Your SD-card is collecting files and...
  5. Rat

    AC/DC co-founder Malcolm Young dies

    Malcolm Young, who co-founded the hard rock band AC/DC with his younger brother, has died aged 64. The guitarist - described as a "visionary, a perfectionist and a unique man" - had been suffering from dementia for several years. In a statement, AC/DC said: "With enormous dedication and...
  6. miggy

    General News Keith Barron has died

    Duty Free actor Keith Barron dies aged 83 Omg R.I.P Keith Barron. 😟
  7. Nick clarke

    John GBA lite

    John GBA lite is a free gameboy and gameboy advance emulator that you can download free onto android phones from Google play store it works really well and has all the games, any problem or question please ask
  8. johnny bravo

    bloody narrator !

    sorry guys ive asked this before for my duo and it worked but not on the duo2...i have bh latest 3.0.4 A , ijust cannot get the narrator to shut up..see my screenshot.., when i press audio on my remote to select audio presented with the option but changing anything doesnt have any...
  9. johnny bravo

    adding mgcamd 1.38

    hi guys - got a vu+uno with latest pli do i install mgcamd1.38 onto this box ?..i also have a line that begins with CWS so where do i enter this line ? familiar with blackhole images and can install cams etc..but pli images are different..ta
  10. shaun127

    Sensible Topic BT Broadband prices going up.

    BT has warned it's hiking some broadband prices by up to £30 a year in January, and that some BT Sport customers will have to pay up to £36 extra a year. The telecoms giant has released a statement on its website saying some prices for broadband, BT Sport and calls will be hiked on 7 January...
  11. miggy

    UK News Itv to pull the plug next Month.

    Omg why can't it be the BBC instead ?then we could get a rebate in the tv licence (not). 😟Millions of Virgin Media customers to face ITV blackout in £80m row. 🤔
  12. Rat

    Android Samsung Pay

    Does Samsung pay just act as your card ? I just got caught out in Aldi got a few bits and while I was at the till realised I'd left my wallet indoors lol So in this case could I have used Samsung pay ? Is it accepted anywhere as its linked to a card
  13. chadda

    help with recording on openpli ?

    can anyone tell me whats wrong ? start recording a program which all other channels go dark which is correct while recording but when finished recording go to play back --- go to recorded --- channel press play --- there is nothing there didn't record ?
  14. IANB

    Bug Banner Ads

    seeing banner adds on the forum now is that normal @Mick ?
  15. chadda


    dont know if this is in the right thread ? just installed openpli could someone tell me how i get epg please ?
  16. miggy

    At the pictures

  17. sneaker

    Was Max Verstappen robbed?

    Was this a good decision for F1? Personally I don't think so. I feel He drove a great race, and did nothing other drivers didn't do.
  18. casuk

    Whats this mean

    What's this is it something to be concerned about
  19. chadda


    using vu-zero & vu-solo2 Got BT sports 2 - plus ESPN clearing ---- but no BT 1-3 which were clearing ? Bt Sorts 2 transponder clearing 11342 H 27500 ------ BT 1 & 3 --- 11343 V 27500 ---- other vertical channels clearing so not an lmb prob could someone if 1-3 are...
  20. hatab

    iPhone question iphone 5 and yahoo mail

    Hi just a quick question Mrs has iphone 5s I setup a yahoo account in mail on her phone just for us..... and it works ok no issue however I cant find the password and she claims i didnt tell her mmmm, there is a phone number that is linked to account for recovery, hurrah but its for my old work...