1. sneaker

    TeaTv v5.8r [ad-free mod]

  2. Grimeire

    Spotify Hacked Apps being blocked no longer

    any one who uses such apps would of noticed recently that they stopped working. Spotify Cracking Down on Users of Hacked Apps Designed to Steal Premium Features seems the crackers have already found a way around spotify's blocks as there is new versions up on the usual places that are working...
  3. sneaker

    Solid Streamz.v.1.7 Add free

    Tested and working.
  4. sneaker

    Live.Lounge.v.6.0.1 addfree.

    Set pin when You begin then seems to work ok.
  5. sneaker

    EMBRATORIa.G7.v.7.2.0 add free

    As alimac said earlier today the same as leader tv.
  6. alimac

    Terrarium TV Premium 1.8.0 + Mod + Mod Lite

    Common issues “No Data” and black screen? That means no source is available. Subtitles not sync? There are many versions of subtitles (e.g WEB-DL, HDTV, BlueRay). Sources of Terrarium are mostly WEB-DL version. You can try WEB-DL version first. If still not sync, try other versions...
  7. alimac

    ccleaner 1.20.82 apk

    piriform.ccleaner adfree firestick friendly
  8. alimac

    Terrarium TV Premium 1.7.6

    Terrarium TV - Free and HD TV-shows and movies on your Android devices! Description Terrarium is an Android app which allows you to watch, stream and download FREE and HD TV Shows and movies on your Android devices. It provides almost any TV shows and movies. Absolutely free. You can download...
  9. avid

    Live Lounge beta 2 apk

    Tested and working...You will need to pick a default player in setting...
  10. avid

    Terrarium TV ad free 1.7.5

    Two versions. Firestick and non Firestick...
  11. avid

    Live Lounge beta apk

    A mix of content but limited. The live sports seems to work and decent quality picture. Contains ads.
  12. avid

    Droid Buddy 2

    This is an apk installer packed with lots of content...
  13. alimac

    Rotation - Orientation Manager PRO v6.1.3 [Pro-Full]

    info Rotation - Orientation Manager - Android Apps on Google Play
  14. alimac

    Orientation Control v1.4 [Paid -Full]

    info Orientation Control - Android Apps on Google Play