1. Grimeire

    IPTV box for dummies

    If you were to get an IPTV receiver for someone what OS would you get and why. I am leaning towards Engima2 as it seems to be the most user friendly but would be interested to hear what others thought.
  2. Arthur Daley

    Android to Android phone copier recommendations

    I'm trying to copy/clone the contents of my old phone (HTC) to my new phone (Huawei) but not having much luck, apart from contacts. Can anyone recommend a good app or PC/Mac program that can do more, such as photos, call logs, videos, messages, etc.. Thanks in advance ;)
  3. Grimeire

    Recommend a good email client for Android

    I have been using K9-mail as my email client for years and i can't complain about it, but recently my work has changed there security settings for email clients that can access the work email(gmail) so i can no longer use k9-mail as it isnt secure it says. I am unable to change this setting to...
  4. dar1437

    Android OS confectionery names

    Lol Why do Android need to put pet names to the OS? Is it to appeal to children? Mum i want a phone with Jellybean software? :)
  5. Grimeire

    Spotify Hacked Apps being blocked no longer

    any one who uses such apps would of noticed recently that they stopped working. Spotify Cracking Down on Users of Hacked Apps Designed to Steal Premium Features seems the crackers have already found a way around spotify's blocks as there is new versions up on the usual places that are working...
  6. Grimeire

    Formuler S mini/ turbo. what are they like

    Anyone have one of the above recievers? looking at them they dont have the best spec for an android box but the built in DVb-S2 makes up for the low spec. im just wondering what they are like for watching DVB-S2 channels and whats the epg like.
  7. alimac

    Betternet VPN Premium v4.0.4

    Betternet VPN Premium v4.0.4 Cracked UPLOAD.EE - Betternet_4.0.4.rar - Download
  8. Grimeire

    AppFlix v1.22 [Modded]

    Just came across this one recently. It allows you to stream and download movies and TV shows. seems pretty goo and it modded so no ads Download
  9. alimac

    RAR for Android Premium v5.60 build 48

    Premium features unlocked GooglePlay Premium Version : UPLOAD.EE - rar560b48-Signed.apk - Download
  10. alimac

    Ideal player pro

    Ideal Player Pro app (box/tv) with Ideal Remote app (Phone): Android 4.1 and higher. Go under settings of the player (the gear icon) and click on general. Under that location insert your playlist url and epg guide url. Use this epg url...
  11. Ferret

    Android Android 4k UHD 60fps

    Lads any recommendations ? My daughter is after a Android TV Box that's capable of 4K UHD at 60fps. I told here to get a Fire TV but she is not overly keen on her firesticks interface and no play store. So she is after a box with the standard android type interface and play store. Any...
  12. alimac

    Terrarium TV 1.90

    The latest version is v1.9, released on January 1st, 2018. The change log is as follows: Added more GVideo links Added more Fast Server CDN links The app now indicates which links are fast and slow Fixed exiting providers Disabled broke providers Fixed bugs and crashes firestick friendly...
  13. alimac


    half decent free apk has all you need cant attach it google your friend
  14. I

    Necroiptv on Build

    Firstly Hi, I have subscribed to necroiptv and managed to put it on kodi no problem. I am after putting it on to a build on my android box .At the moment I am using pulse. Can anyone suggest a decent build which I can add iptv easily or direct me to an old thread or guide . Thanks in advance Bok.
  15. alimac

    Live-Lounge 5.1.2

    ad free
  16. alimac 3.4

  17. alimac

    LiveLounge 5.1.0

    adfree already asking to update to 5.1.1
  18. fus10n

    Cheap android mobile for an older person

    As above. Looking for something 4G capable for an older person. Has had an android before but does not need anything fancy! Under £100 preferably lots less than £100
  19. Zooropa

    How can i root my t95m 2gb android box

    As title says, i have tried king root and other programs that say they can root any android device but they just don't work...any ideas
  20. avid

    Droid Buddy 2

    This is an apk installer packed with lots of content...