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  1. chadda

    Avid or any one else please

    Is there a walk through for putting kodi and your build on a fire stick by plugging it into a laptop rather than adbfire as it's been a pain to flash with adbfire as of late cheers Don't know what this tag thing is for in posts? Just put 1 ??
  2. mrwong

    ABS-3A 3° West Feeds

    Service01 11462 V 3000 showing ABS logo
  3. mrwong

    Posting pictures

    Hi is there a easy way to post pictures i cant appear to find a way to post them.
  4. D

    I need DM520HD-SIM2.30

    HI I need DM520HD-SIM2.30 - OpenPLI6.1 or OpenPLI5.0 Image Thanks
  5. chadda

    kodi 17.3 avid build ?

    just tried installing avids latest build DWZ Build 23072017 but coming up on adbfire restore failed ?? anyone else had this
  6. mrwong

    Amos 3/7 4° West

    Ukrainian Fashion added to Amos 7 Europe beam 12410 H 20833 mux.
  7. mrwong

    Türksat 42° E Feeds

    Anniversary of failed coup, feeds 12572 H 2088 12738 V 6000 12680 v 2799 4.2.2 12676 V 2799 4.2.2 12672 V 2799 4.2.2
  8. mrwong

    0.8° West Feeds

    Cluj-Napoca, Romania Concert 12523 V 3750
  9. shed seven

    shed seven

  10. bob marley lively up yourself

    bob marley lively up yourself

  11. Now thats Music decades

    Now thats Music decades

  12. PopTastic 80s

    PopTastic 80s

  13. Country Love

    Country Love

  14. Gutar Moods

    Gutar Moods

  15. Smash Hits Reunion

    Smash Hits Reunion

  16. Dire Straits

    Dire Straits

  17. Dire Straits

    Dire Straits

  18. led zeppelin

    led zeppelin

  19. led zeppelin

    led zeppelin

  20. Vengaboys