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    I watched the premier league darts for the first time in a few weeks and really enjoyed it.
    I've never been a big fan of James Wade as he's always bored me to tears, but give him his dues he fought his demons and has done well since.
    But the excuses he keeps coming up with when things start going wrong in matches are getting laughable.

    There's been gust of winds in the arena, bad Air Con flow, Opponents farting on stage, Opponents daring to slow him down on purpose, and now last night Adrian Lewis was so called massively at fault for retrieving his darts, then DARING to walk down the oche on a floorboard as Wade was throwing, causing vibrations and him to miss the treble.

    Surely if Wade is as clever as he looks he'd of waited until Lewis was behind him before throwing??

    Lewis was fuming after the match and looked ready to smack Wadey, and then the crowd gave him Lewis sh*t, unbelieveable Jeff!!

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    Re: Darts

    The gusts of wind in the arena was lewis moaning, wade should of carried on that day and took lewis out.
    As for lewis fuming, he is just a big softie, scared of his own shadow.
    But he is also a fantastic player when on form.

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