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    Post Smart Video Door Bell (Cheap!!)

    Hello! I hope that this is the right place to post my question. If it isn't I ask to moderators to move it.

    I have to change my door bell but I don't know anything about those instruments! If anyone have some suggestions i will be pleased!

    My needs are:
    • Good video quality (color display)
    • Connection to the Internet in way tho watch if someone rings the doorbell if I'm not at home or just for watching if it's all allright..
    • Spend as little as possible

    Thanks In Advice!

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    Re: Smart Video Door Bell (Cheap!!)

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    Re: Smart Video Door Bell (Cheap!!)

    Quote Originally Posted by Bally12345 View Post
    I'm sure he said spend as little as possible,
    That seems steep!
    I'm sure he said spend as little as possible,

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    Re: Smart Video Door Bell (Cheap!!)

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