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    Italy / Switzerland

    After reading Safehands thread about Amsterdam, it got me thinking about my trip next month!

    We are flying to Milan Bergamo airport, then we are using AirBnB to stay in a loft on Lake Como for a couple of nights.
    After this we head on the local train to Tirano and catch the Birnina express up to Chur in Switzerland.
    In case you don't know it is a very scenic route with panoramic sight seeing cars.
    It usually costs about 130 euros each way but there is a trick to get the tickets for about 30.

    More info here: BERNINA EXPRESS from ?29 | Switzerland's ultimate scenic train

    Anyway we are staying in Vercurago - has anybody every been here? Or lake Como in general?

    Any recommendations would be greatly received!

    Cheers guys,

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    Re: Italy / Switzerland

    Like the sound of that trip mate. Have a good one

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    Re: Italy / Switzerland

    Cheers Chookey!

    By the way - just managed to grab a camper van ticket for Glastonbury 2017.
    I'm a lucky bugger!

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    Re: Italy / Switzerland

    Well it was a try amazing experience - I would 100% recommend it to anyone.
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