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  1. leahyt8

    VU+ Duo VU+ Problem - NAS/Dreamplex

    Hi all, been scratching my head over this one for a few weeks and have given up. running latest openvix image on genuine vu+ duo. networked to nas drive - all ok (well sort of) only a couple of plugins installed. main one being dreamplex. which was working ok but now crashes the box...
  2. leahyt8

    VU+ Duo Vix Hades

    Hi all, does anyone know how to get the bouquet up on the left hand side of the tv that is translucent?? my daughter sat on the remote yesterday and it came up, rather than the tv going all small and into the top right of the screen. a translucent epg cam up on the left of the screen...
  3. leahyt8

    TS Media

    hi, just updated to the latest ts media, and when you open the tv/movie section, it goes into a setup and add-on mode ... this loads slowly and then opens the new page which includes setup etc.. the page has done this a few times after updating and seems much less user friendly...
  4. leahyt8

    VU+ Duo VIX Setting

    Hi, i'm looking for a power setting or something for the vix apollo 40 image.. when i was on the previous Vix image the tv would power down and up automatically if i turned the box off with the remote... now the box doesn't do this with the updated image and i can't for the life of me...
  5. leahyt8

    signal - confused...

    Hi all bit confused and didn't know where to put this post heres the scenario---- sky dish on roof dm500 in upstairs bedroom living room VU+ Duo ( previously dm 800se) upstairs dm500 signal 93% on bbc with high 80's% Acg 0% BER high sig remains on all other channels glitch free...
  6. leahyt8

    ts media

    hi, looking to get a new cable box for the old fella, i've got a dm800se and run ts media on it.. is this or anything similar available on kryptview or other boxes?? cheers Tam
  7. leahyt8

    opkg update

    hi all i'm running on dbuk 2.1 on my dm800se and previously had no problem updating or installing plugins.. however in the plugin menu wont let me install or update saying maybe a opkg update needed??? am stumped as i did a software update.. 140 items but after reboot it still says 140 left...
  8. leahyt8

    do dbox2 cable boxes still work

    do dbox2 cable boxes still work?? Tam
  9. leahyt8

    Ts media help

    Hi, i've just downloaded and installed the newest ts media 3.3 for 1.6, on 800se clone bduk, 2.1 updated all i can and now get the movies section to play.. very impressive! however when i try to use 'Net tv' section and in particular movie 4k series.. this library looks phenomenal for the...
  10. leahyt8

    New File Added: live football

    Downloads: A new file has been added by leahyt8: live football anyone managed to install and get the streaming to work on this?? I've tried to install on 800se but to no avail Tam
  11. leahyt8


    Hi all, I've got a bit of glitching going on with my setup.... here's the scenario. dm800 in living room running mgcm smoothly (VM Superhub) added my old 500s upstairs and got a new line to run that on via home plugs new line = same as old line but capacity to run on 2 boxes...
  12. leahyt8

    replacement Infrared

    hi anyone know where i can get a replacement infra red board for the 500s? i had a look for a m8 b4 and found them for about £15 now cant find them anywhere on the net.. any help would be great Tam
  13. leahyt8

    New Year Bug

    Hey all, prob not the best time to ask as i'm sure theres many a brain out there that is too sore to work ... anyway i'm wondering if there is a new year bug? went to bed last night and all working ok dm800se dbuk v.2.1 i think came down this morning and only fta is on epg all gone so...
  14. leahyt8

    manually move motor - dm800se

    how goes all.. am pulling my hair out here.. had to replace dish previously used dm500 and manually stored sats... easy done touch west /east etc. now on the 800se and have used usuals (with limited success :( - Thanks to JTH for the help so far) my motor drives from dead on 0 (thor) to...
  15. leahyt8

    Channel Listing

    Hi, sorry if this has been posted before, I've had a search through postings but haven't managed to find anything on it.... Looking to download the latest channel listings for sly uk direct from the internet on the DM800se, JTH kindly told me how to do this at the time but i never took a...
  16. leahyt8

    DBUK image 2.1.1

    wifey is driving me nuts, just reflashed box with the DB 2.1.1 Image which is excellent only change from the last db image that is displeasing the wife is on the bouquet epg, there used to be a second info bar at the top which told you what was on next as u scrolled down the channels...
  17. leahyt8

    ccam problem

    earlier on I was trying to watch the boxing on primetime, as it kept jamming i went to restart ccam on doing so it is now jammed on mgcam which i haven't got installed, and every time i try to select cam it returns to mgcam?? or when it selects scam i get a green screen of death and i need...
  18. leahyt8

    dm 500s problem

    got a strange problem on 500s running Jade pli mates box jammed after re-flashing with another jade pli and had it all up and running, remote wouldn't change channel tried another remote and nothing and have since used both these remotes on 2 other 500s's........ thought maybe a bad flash...
  19. leahyt8


    Anyone having any issues with cross epg downloader? i'm on DBuk image and when doe loading the file its downloading 3.44mb then pairing 12mb gives me all terrestrial and some entertainment peg but get no sports peg or movies at all any suggestions? Tam
  20. leahyt8

    Airport extreme

    Hi up until this morning all was working sweetly when i got up airport extreme was screwed and needed completely reset, all done ok but now no internet signal to the box :( previous set ups have been easy and problem free, i can't see whats different with this one but recently updated...