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  1. clive58

    SW Update

    Just to let you know that my V+ box updated a while back to SW Version I'm in exC&W Essex Clive.
  2. clive58

    mosc card fixers...

    I've recently done a couple Rom10 a86's with a duel unlooper and it unlocked 1 in about 90 seconds and the other it ulocked in about 5 mins so i would say the duel is your baby to unlock them, you only have to make sure the vcc is set up right and your using the right script and it will pop. Clive.
  3. clive58

    Which Unlooper

    Personally I've been very impressed with the Dual Unlooper, thats the big boy on the block lol. Clive.
  4. clive58

    Happy Birthday Highlander

    Happy Birthday mate ;) Clive.
  5. clive58

    Ring Tones Anyone got N97?

    Yeah I've got an N97, I havent updated it yet but i recon it needs it cause it keeps crashing. Your right at the moment there dont seem to be anything brilliant for it yet in the way of apps but thats how they want to make their money off you instead of texts and calls because of the increasing...
  6. clive58

    Help needed pls ditv1000

    I wouldnt know anyone who sells them mate, I'm more of your DIY kinda guy who enjoys making my own gadgets up and not paying if possible, not cause I'm cheap lol cause I find it more rewarding to know the only thing I got from anyone else was the info which was free and I did it all myself. Try...
  7. clive58

    Help needed pls ditv1000

    You first need to enter your net id before your box can download the platform. A test sim would fix this, its not an led plug n play sim ok this looks like the sim you already have plugged in at the front of the box but its been made to take over from the mother board and gain access to the EM...
  8. clive58


    Re: HaPpY BiRtHdAy HiGhLaNdEr!! SEND HIM A PM TO SHOW YOU APPRECIATION OF A FINE MEMB Happy Birthday mate and many returns of the day. : birthday clive.
  9. clive58

    Phone Unlocking W810i unlocking?

    Hello chaps, I've just bought my son this phone and wanted to know if it can be unlocked and how. Which software shall i use? where do i get the files needed? How do i unlock it? Please Please Please :classic: Clive.
  10. clive58

    Best Horror ?

    I saw the strangers last night, it was a bit dark most of the time making it hard to see what was going on and the jumpy bits were not as good as 1408 but the ending was different which i liked and it scared the bejezuz out of my friend who I watched it with who screamed a few times lol. clive.
  11. clive58

    Best Horror ?

    I saw Mirrors last night, best bit for me was when his big mouthed sister got hers lol. nice! thanks explosivo! I'll try dead set and the strangers next. clive.
  12. clive58

    Best Horror ?

    Lol. @explosivo, the strangers & mirrors? thanks mate I'll try mirrors first ;) Clive.
  13. clive58

    Best Horror ?

    Can you guys please give me the titles of some good horror films to watch please. I've just seen 1408 and that was good for some jumps lol. I liked the Saw collection too. Any more? Clive.
  14. clive58

    cant blank net id 1000p1b

    Ok mate I cant remember where abouts you were when we last had dealings but if your near me I have a testsim which I could use to sort it out for you if you bring it to me. PM me if ya like mate. PS. have you checked the voltage on the Batterie? it should be between 2.8V and 3.3V much lower...
  15. clive58

    cant blank net id 1000p1b

    Hold your horses there mate! I've come accross this and the only way I could get round it apart from re-programing the atties lol is by using a testsim. I think benny59 posted the files agaes ago (I might be wrong) but once you have a testsim made up I find its more reliable lately and gets...
  16. clive58

    Wall-E not working on TTDS?

    Has there been a sw update or something since MoonShell171 on the TTDS? I ask because i had the game wall e working ok now it gives an error 7 loading the file. Any help please? Clive.
  17. clive58

    Remote desktop?

    @ dibbers, Yes im on a linksys wireless on both pc's. @smirnoff_rules, I'll try that after I give teamviewer a go because I'll need the files yeah? thanks mate ;) @6bellys, thanks mate, I'll give that a go next :) Clive.
  18. clive58

    Remote desktop?

    I finally got TightVNC to work after reading the setup instructions properly lol, only thing is when I'm watching what the server pc is doing it comes down very slowly like dial-up speeds and I'm on a linksys. how come its so slow? I do like TightVNC now I've got it going, the viewer...
  19. clive58

    Remote desktop?

    Ok I've allowed remote and got the ip of the one upstairs which is on xp pro The one downstairs is on vista and is asking for username and password I've tried inputting the passwords for logon for the pc upstairs and makng up my own and not inputting anything but its still not connecting...
  20. clive58

    Remote desktop?

    I have 2 pc's on the same router which are too far away to keep running upstairs and downstairs to each other to keep an eye on while they do things, so: How do i set them up to be viewed on one desktop wirelessly? Clive.