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  1. manutd4life

    youtube sound on tm-5402hd doesnt work

    The volume is non existent. Anyone got a solution to this problem? Cheers
  2. manutd4life

    channel list help

    i have a TM-5402HD and everytime i put a 28.2 channel list on i cant get any more sats. as sooin as i take that channel list off, i can get more sats again. is there a way i can keep the 28.2 channellists on without losing my other sats? cheers
  3. manutd4life

    help with 5420hd setup

    i have put the phantom patch on. i am now stuck on the csinfo.txt. i have put the info on via usb, but when i click on the file on the box, it just says reading and stays at 0%. i have put the latest softcam on, dont know if i need an original softcam then apply the latest? is there a channel...
  4. manutd4life

    Help flashin a Dm 600

    hi, its a long time since i flashed a dreambox, about 2 years+ and just after some help in flashing a new img on it, hopefully enigma 2. the last time i did this i used a rs 232 lead direct from the pc. i dont have any software anymore and cant remember the names so it looks like ill be...
  5. manutd4life

    laptop cant find my internal hard drive via usb!!

    but my pc can find it via sata. i have power to it and got a sata lead from the hard drive that plugs into an adapter so i can plug it in via usb but my packard bell laptop wont find it. any ideas on this? Also i can find it in device manager and its enabled!
  6. manutd4life

    Htc Desire games?

    Looking for sim city for this phone. thanks
  7. manutd4life

    when do i get the sb back???????????????????

  8. manutd4life


    How the hell can i get my full playlist from youtube on via the 360, currently i have only 7 songs out of around 130+! its pissing me off! thanks
  9. manutd4life

    My wii wont read proper discs!

    i put in the disc, it recognises it, i press play then after about 30 seconds it shows an error, telling me to take out the disc and power of the wii. also i want to take the mod off my wii that i have on, how do i go about that. its the zelda mod from donkeys years ago lol i want to be able...
  10. manutd4life

    where to buy lobster from?

    as title because i want to cook it obv lol. My wife says live ones will be better as i was gonna go into lidl and buy there frozen ones. where can i buy live ones from and whats the best way to kill them or could the fishmonger kill it for me then i cook it the same day. i am going to grill...
  11. manutd4life


    Do i need a live account too stream sky player?
  12. manutd4life

    WTD 360 mem card

    a 360 memory, not bothered about the size. just need it so i can make a gamertag so i can access the internet and stream. i no its in the wrong place but do i need a live account to get sky player? cheers
  13. manutd4life

    2 rrod help!!!

    i flashed my mates 360 over 6 months ago now (wish i never touched it) and he keeps mithering me because it has 2rrod. can i fix this or is it not fixable? if i can how is it done? cheers
  14. manutd4life

    How do you install these?

    is it just as easy as transfer them to your sd card or do i need some software on the phone? i have htc desire. cheers
  15. manutd4life

    Free sky sports channel on xbox live for one month!

    Got an email today and you get all sky sports free and the entertainment package for one month. dont forget to unsubscribe after the trial period. heres the link Watch TV Online | Sky Player dont change the options or it will charge you, you do need your card details (debit or credit card) but...
  16. manutd4life

    Looking for a music program!

    Looking for a program so I can mix to songs together! Any help is appreciated. Thanks! Sent from my HTC Desire using Tapatalk
  17. manutd4life

    Can a MUFC season ticket holder help me out???

    as title please, its about the Sunderland game and possibly the Newcastle game aswell. Away for you's but Home for me! I'm after a couple of tickets but the site says i need to be a season ticket holder or above and i donbt wanna sit in the mackem end or geordie end lol it was bad enough...
  18. manutd4life

    Malta channels?

    is there a way a can get it to work in malta or am i wasting my time? if so what img do i need? cheers
  19. manutd4life

    FS:White Apple iPhone 3GS (16GB) Excellent Condition

    White Apple iPhone 3GS (16GB) Excellent Condition. 6 Months old. Has been kept in an iphone case so no scratches or scrape's come's with, usb power adapter, earphones, and spare case. Factory unlocked so will take any sim. £300....Free p&p I am selling this for a friend who lives in...
  20. manutd4life


    Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh stop saying it at the end of your sentences, is soooooooooo fooking annoying!!:grrrr: