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  1. copex

    WANTED Broadband router - DDWRT compatible

    netgear 7000 series check here DD-WRT » Router Database
  2. copex

    A debate with myself

    Just go cold turkey, don't bother with all of those quit smoking products they just prolong the pain and make other people money. Now i hear you say "Its not that easy" or "i can not stop its two hard" and "what would you know".......... this is what i know it took me ten years to stop smoking...
  3. copex

    Virgin up prices

    i took the landline as it was cheaper, its a voip line and has never had a phone connect i pay £37 for 350Mb normally see 380/37
  4. copex

    Virgin up prices

    im on 350Mb and get 35Mb upload
  5. copex

    iptv player

    plaats alsjeblieft in het Engels Hello all. i have downloaded iptv player plugin. how should i install it on my dreambox.
  6. copex

    £50 credit when you join bulb energy

    You only get the £50 from a referral link, the refer also gets £50 so they have to find £100 from somewhere so who pays you or the referrer?
  7. copex

    Neighbors security light

    i find Semtex normally dose the trick, just don't use two much :-)
  8. copex

    is there a launcher or something that will help to make it easier for an older person to use the android phone?

    Have a look at the links below. Best Android Launchers for Senior or Visually-Impaired Users - Make Tech Easier 3 Best Simple Android Launchers for Your Parents or Grandparents The Best Android Launchers For...
  9. copex

    Basic laptop £250-350??

    have a look at del outlet you can pickup some cheep pcs
  10. copex


    i carn't believe the amount of people the think we are leaving Europe, they must have the same IQ as our politicians :-)
  11. copex

    VPN Best VPN

    i use smartdns as they provide a free vpn you can try there 14 day trial
  12. copex

    Initiative Q?

    ten avaible at the time of this post ->> Initiative Q it just cleave marketing not pyramid, you have nothing to lose, you not paying anything......
  13. copex

    Initiative Q?

    Oops! We ran into some problems. You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action
  14. copex

    Initiative Q?

    below my invite link there are two left, one you have your invites post here for other members. sign up is name and email Initiative Q is an attempt by ex-PayPal guys to create a new payment system instead of credit cards that were designed in the 1950s. The system uses its own currency, the Q...
  15. copex

    Initiative Q?

    Could be the next bitcoin.... What is Initiative Q? Initiative Q is building the payment system of the future. The Q payment network will integrate the best technological improvements that have been made in the payment industry over the last few decades to create a flexible, easy-to-use and...
  16. copex

    IPTV advice

    hope over to reddit and go the the iptv sub reddit load of info ;-)
  17. copex

    Panasonic KX-TDE600 analog line cards

    looks like it should be ok,
  18. copex

    How to quit smoking

    in the region of £78.767 ( working on the price per pack at £4.15 ) ok so IANB posted while i was working out the price per pack ....
  19. copex

    How to quit smoking

    Stopping is easy, not going back is hard. i just stopped smoking its the only way, but i did fail to stop 100;s of times ;-) it only takes 4 days for the body to be free of nicotine the rest is psychological.
  20. copex

    ports used in iptv

    so im not helping someone to watch sleeping baby's :)