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  1. Dbox8

    Net ID 41048 exC&W just gone!

    That's interesting thanks.
  2. Dbox8

    Net ID 41048 exC&W just gone!

    Yeah fair enough m8, it is obviously summat to do with N3, just thought N3 was a flick of the switch and everything went! Curious how you can state all gone 'next week'? I still know loads of people who haven't been sent their new cards yet? Do you know something or are you guessing?
  3. Dbox8

    Net ID 41048 exC&W just gone!

    Nope, you still ain't convinced me yet. These are people in the same street and cable feed from the same cab so the different 'hub/network' doesn't stack up? It's got to be something else. My god I'm starting to sound bothered!!
  4. Dbox8

    Net ID 41048 exC&W just gone!

    mmm N3 I must read about that?! N3 doesn't explain why a couple have lost all movies yet others in close proximity haven't. Plus I don't recall other areas which switched to N3 losing channels gradually? I am open to being corrected.
  5. Dbox8

    Net ID 41048 exC&W just gone!

    Strange this? I too have a couple of family members who have lost the movies? Can't think of any reason?
  6. Dbox8

    new virgin card

    Is a doggy box like a doggy bag??!
  7. Dbox8

    N3 cable swtich over today - Manchester

    Now there speaks a man of experience!! ;)
  8. Dbox8

    New Rom Cards

    Thanks for that. No probs anyway, my old U-Bomb just unlocked it...... I wish! ;)
  9. Dbox8

    New Rom Cards

    My m8 in Manchester has just had a new box delivered which he subscribes to. The card is new so I checked the revision and it was as follows: Rom Revision 180 Eeprom Revision Mer000 I presume this is the card ready for N3 switchover in Manchester?
  10. Dbox8

    What can I do with these?

    I don't want to waste much (or anybody's) time on this but a pal of mine has just asked if I can do anything with an old box he has got hold of. The set up is: 1 x Nokia Media Master 9902s 1 x Dragon Twin cam with sim?? 1 x 2005 Arabesquecard! Is it worth doing anything with this...
  11. Dbox8

    pure area - channels all gone - anyone elces gone in this area ?

    This sounds similar to what happened in Manchester ex C&W a few weeks ago. Most channels are there but mixed up. We worked it out to be just the old cr1 and cr2 boxes which were affected?? Not bothered trying to get a fix as the end is nigh!!
  12. Dbox8

    Port Glasgow?

    Thanks for that. I just found out the card is B04 and has already been modified. I have looked at the Standard Tiers (around 40 of them!). A couple of the rights dates had expired. I am presuming this is why the card has gone off?? I have changed all expire and rights dates to 399F which will be...
  13. Dbox8

    Port Glasgow?

    An old pal of mine has sent me a Rev Bod card to unlock for him. He is in Port Glasgow (PA14). Being a bit lazy but is he C&W or NTL? And, more importantly are they N3 yet?! Thanks.
  14. Dbox8

    Pace 1.b box CR1

    The cr1 is the problem. Really stretching the memory cells here but I think you will need to enable talkback and then force an update using '4321'. This info may be wrong and someone will probably verify if it is? In the 'olden' days on the 1k's we used to 'cut' a track in the tuner can. Open...
  15. Dbox8

    N3 Northwest

    A couple of m8's are still on the original cr's (1 and 2 etc). They have lost most of their channels in the Manchester area after the recent change. Ringing around a few other people have the same problem? Any one else come across this? If so anyone sorted it yet? Ta.
  16. Dbox8

    Rom10 A86 Script ? T911

    Where exactly do you change the vcc settings? There are a couple of lines it could be? Ta!
  17. Dbox8

    N3 Northwest

    Is this text talk??!
  18. Dbox8

    N3 Northwest

    I aint had a box for a couple of years but a pal's box in Oldham needs a rescan. Can someone tell me how to do a scan??!
  19. Dbox8

    Bit of a strange one advise please. 1 working other not.

    You probably checked but could you have got the 2 cards for the 2 boxes which aint working mixed up? I would double check the IRD in the card against that in the eng menu of one of the boxes. Easily done?!