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    Download still not working

    Yes thanx for support,works
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    Download still not working

    Hello,i have read the rules about minimal 5 post,i have 6 postings for a week now and Ferret placed an atachement for me right here, oscam for old dm500 But after a week i can't still downloading. Why? cheers Johnsat
  3. J

    Help please..... backing up complete DM800HD se flash with E-star V3.0 sim CLONE

    Hello Marc,it is not easy to tell howto backup,but it is more simple to fix e-star,i have made a lot off images for the e-star forum. I will look for you step by step to get the latest openpli on your e-star with the drivers you need for your e-star box. I have those drivers,but i don't know of...
  4. J

    Linux Linux Mint 18.2

    I use it for over two years now,and it is nice and easy to use
  5. J

    oscam for old dm500

    I can't download the file,wait for good counting of my messages. You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.
  6. J

    Pli with oscam & cccam installed E1 DM500

    Looking for a clean openpli for DM500s
  7. J

    oscam for old dm500

    Looking for old dm500 Oscam install,who can help me?