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  1. allroad

    Its been a very long Time !!!!

    Just had to have a look in after so many years and still see the names who I was friendly with back in the day !!! Good to see your still going strong. I still keep in touch with Dutcho infact we meet up a few times at the NEC Bike show All is good with me most of the old members will remember...
  2. allroad

    Price rise from 3

    Got a letter today stating that my 3 mobile BB will be increasing from Jan with the new VAT and inflation !!!! Can they increase my contract by inflation ??? I assumed when I signed up the price was fixed ? Is this not the case ? As they are changing the terms can I get out of it ?
  3. allroad

    Member of the year

    Ok guys its that time of the year again time to get you thinking hats on and vote for member of the year to do so PM me with your votes RULES 1 You can not vote for yourself 2 The member your voting for must have been a member here for more than 12 months or have over 500 posts 3 One vote...
  4. allroad

    Retailer dispute

    I purchased some cloths on Saturday and did not have time to try on I returned them on Monday as they dont fit (too big) The shop refuses me a refund on the grounds off "I should have tried them on" Are they right to do so ? Will my CC company assist ?
  5. allroad

    iMac how do i change mp3 info on a mac

    as the title says guys trying to tag mp3s on the mac and change tags any ideas
  6. allroad

    The bit you did not see in the news !!!

    YouTube - Nick Robinson loses it Well comments !!!!
  7. allroad

    Latest cuts do you think there will be protests ?

    Well will the public take to the streets like the french ?? In protest at the cuts !! I doubt it !!!!!!!!!!
  8. allroad

    Marie Curie fund raiser

    guys Im hosting another Marie curie night to raise much needed funds anyone know any good party games for this event please
  9. allroad

    get in touch with BT !!!! Hope you have all day to wait

    after pushing the number 2 for like 34 times i finally got someone after an hour on hold want to cancel service my bill £54.87 £2.87 calls i always use my mobile so after some negotiations ---- £24 credit on next bill and new line rental of £10.49pm so will keep it for a few months Only...
  10. allroad

    airbag testing goes wrong PMFSL

    YouTube - Airbag testing went wrong! Hilarious! :D
  11. allroad

    this is going to be massive

    YouTube - Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand (Official Video / Pre-Order Now / Out 10th Oct)
  12. allroad

    another benefit cheat

    must admit i found this so funny bye bye gamu, seems your family also abused our benefit system more info £16000 i wish i could claim it just more proof people think its the norm to claim benefits
  13. allroad

    CF cards are they on their way out

    i notice canons new 7d is using CF i thought these cards days were numbered
  14. allroad

    Maddy McCann latest thoughts

    I was just thinking about this child today whats your latest thoughts on her welfare Personally I think the child is dead and the parents are to blame
  15. allroad

    Family Science Project Sends Video Camera to the Edges of Space
  16. allroad

    is 128kps = to 44.1khz

    one of my dj players only works with 44.1 mps i have converted some files to 128kps should these not end up at 44.1khz some are not whats the best setting to guarantee this
  17. allroad

    iMac anyone dual booting

    anyone running windows and osx on their mac comments please
  18. allroad

    UK's most amazing car park

    UK's most amazing car park A state-of-the-art car park has opened in Birmingham, as part of the brand new Cube building in the city centre. It's the first car park in the UK that does away with the infuriating business of finding a space. Motorists simply drive their car into a 'transfer...
  19. allroad

    cookery room LOL

    ok guys a lot of you have suggested this in the forum feedback room so enjoy and lets see how it goes
  20. allroad

    2 New Rooms

    Under the Maryjam PC/Mac section Apple TV and Imac Enjoy