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    Queen to launch investigation into who gave grandad the Dianna experience for Christmas.
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    switch firmware

    does anyone have a link to the 6.0 so I can get the newer games working on my little ones switch his is still on 5.1 and some games wont run . will be updating via ChoiDujourNX but need the firmware files he is running sx os
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    ddwrt on bt homehub 5

    seen these on ebay when looking for a replacement router and have a few about LEDE OpenWRT 18.06.1 Unlocked BT Home Hub 5 fibre nordvpn vpn fibre ac68u router | eBay does anyone have one and how did you unlock it
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    ps4 vr

    ok jailbroke the ps4 a few weeks ago and someone has bought me a vr headset and a few games is it ok to run this and where can I get some vr games also what games for vr do people recommend
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    renault traffic sat nav update

    does anyone know where I can find a copy to update a 2005 traffic sat nav as its a 2004 maps that on it
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    Microsoft plans to remove Paint from Windows

    After being around for 32 years and becoming one of the most recognized elements of the Windows operating system, Microsoft is planning to kill off graphics app Paint. The Redmond firm has threatened to depreciate the long-running program in the next Windows 10 update. more here Microsoft plans...
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    any brickies near glasgow

    was going to have a bash myself but don't want to mess it up need a wall built about 5 meter by 1 meter
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    slap on the wrist

    looks like he got off light . Bellshill man convicted of card-sharing TV scam - BBC News
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    Phone Unlocking p9 lite unlock code

    anyone recommend a place to get code.There are some on ebay for vodaphone and 02 at £10 but looks like for ee there about £35
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    metal detector

    my little one wants a metal detector from santa. don't know much about these but I don't want to get him one of the toy ones would rather spend on one that actual works can anyone recommend one about £100 to spend
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    [DOWNLOAD] Minecraft - Pocket Edition v0.15.90.2.apk

    Downloads: A new file has been added by turner brown: Minecraft - Pocket Edition v0.15.90.2.apk >>> CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Minecraft - Pocket Edition v0.15.90.2.apk <<< - - - Updated - - - sure this was not the place I put it can mods please move to right place
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    pokemon x and y on gateway

    I cant get pokemon x and y running on gateway card I have installed the latest launcher and still getting errors I was thinking it might be the rom's or am I missing something
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    openbox v8 combo

    does anyone have a channel list for this box it wont take the .prog files posted such as aj list and so on think it might be . bin file but never seen one before
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    might get cheap flights over the next few weeks
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    Rollercoaster crashes at M&D's theme park in Motherwell

    Rollercoaster crashes at M&D's theme park in Motherwell - BBC News hope all are ok
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    Armed Forces Day Serving Soldiers & Reserves to Veterans & Cadets a Free Carvery

    @ toby carvery Free carvery dinner for military personnel hope some of you guys can enjoy
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    anyone have the latest osx or a link to dl it
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    3DS custom firmware

    has anyone got this on there 3ds . reason i am asking is from what i have read once loaded i won,t need the gateway card anymore i have just got my little one a 3ds with 7.5 firmware on it. i already have a 3dsxl running a gateway and would like to install CFW on one and gateway on another...
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    gateway issues

    ok was given a gateway to try . 3ds is on 4.5 and launcher installed . backed up and running gateway mode as system setting now say gw3ds firmware version the problem i have is i cant get the red card to show in machine and no games show anyone had this issue
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    3ds roms

    anyone know a good source of these