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  1. dantis

    Nano SE M2 plus CAID lists help

    I am very new to Linux boxes so please be gentle! I have the above box running Openvix 4.2.001 image. I was given the box already set up so I am trying to get it to work exactly how I want it. I have a cline in the box but it was only decoding Sky UK using caid 0963, as I have a multi...
  2. dantis


    I came home early from work yesterday to find a stunning blonde grouting my bathroom, she was singing 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' at the top of her voice. She was a bonny tiler!
  3. dantis

    Sky withdraw Sky+ HD box for new customers

    As the title suggests Sky no longer offer the Sky+ HD box for new customers, all new customers will receive the SkyQ box for all packages. Sky say they will continue to support the Sky+HD boxes.
  4. dantis

    Live EPL on 19.2e

    Last season we enjoyed lots of live Premiership action on beIN Sports España all with English commentary including a 3pm Saturday kick-off. Sadly, beIN España no longer have the rights to the EPL which means that these games are now on Movistar Fútbol, no English commentary though. They do show...
  5. dantis

    Channel 5 HD added to I907

    Channel 5 HD has been added to intelsat 907 list, details are - vpid 6401 and apid 6402, add per normal instructions for HD channels. Working 100% here in Spain.
  6. dantis

    Design My Web sites not available via VPN.

    I have two web sites that are hosted by a company called 000webhost, up until recently there has been no issues but a few days ago the following started to occur: I have two routers, one running on my Spanish IP address the other running OpenVPN with a UK IP address. I can connect to both my web...
  7. dantis

    Sky Italy

    Just to let everyone know that is down totally on c/s. (Well at least with my provider). Apparently Sky have changed the algorithm.
  8. dantis

    Freezing on Dave, Gold and Watch etc

    I am using CCcam on both my 5402HD's, everything is working well except one frequency - 11523 H 22000 which hosts many UKTV channels, as soon as I tune to one of these channels it freezes? Both TM's do it but my Openbox S10 is absolutely fine, so it is not an issue with my sealions. I have...
  9. dantis

    Add source missing

    If I go to settings > file manager the add source button is missing? I want to add a new add on but cant work out how.
  10. dantis

    Keeping Kodi after OS upgrade

    I have a HTPC running Windows 7 and Kodi. It has taken me ages to get Kodi just how I like it. The problem is I want to load Windows 10 on the PC with a clean install, but I want to reinstall Kodi back to just how it is now. How do I save the configuration and reinstall it back perfectly...
  11. dantis

    V8S on 27.5W?

    Can anyone confirm that the Openbox V8S will open the BBC/ITV on 27.5W? I have seen one advertised locally saying it will but I have two Openboxes (S9 & S10) and these can't cope with the scrambled PMT etc. I really like the Openboxes so would be a bonus if they would work on Intelsat 907.
  12. dantis

    Best repo for beIN Sports

    As I have a motorised dish I can watch most games but occasionally they might be on beIN Sports, I have kodi installed, which would be the most reliable repo to download for this? I downloaded Wookie and have deleted loads of the repos so I am left with mainly movie ones.
  13. dantis

    Browser Chrome 'Couldn't load plugin'

    I am using Windows 8.1 64 bit (still waiting for my free Windows 10 upgrade) on a new Asus X555L laptop, I have been using Chrome as my main browser for some time without issue, but suddenly I keep getting 'couldn't load plugin' on some sites, I can view youtube videos fine, but other sites...
  14. dantis

    Flashed with wrong firmware

    My friend has flashed his f3/5 with M3 firmware, it is now bricked, anyone know how to unbrick it? Thanks
  15. dantis

    BT Sports Price Hike

    Got BT Sport 'free' with BT broadband? You'll now pay up to £141/year. Most have been auto opted in to paying at least £5/month (£60/year) from 1 August. Sky TV customers with BT broadband, where their broadband contract has lapsed, face a massive £11.75/month (£141/year) cost, unless they sign...
  16. dantis

    Chrome issue

    I have an issue with Google on Chrome, I am running Windows 7 (32bit) and recently found that when I search within the address bar it always reverts to I have tried all the usual fixes, setting my location (I am in Spain), it even says at the bottom of the search page 'your location...
  17. dantis

    11307 on 28A?

    As of this morning the above frequency on Eutelsat 28A is showing no signal here in southern Spain, both horizontal and vertical. Does anybody know what has changed? Just noticed 11344 v and h has gone as well.
  18. dantis

    Sky SAB 4900HD Jerky HD

    I have been given one of these boxes, I have flashed it with the latest f/w V1.28B5 dated 15052015. I have scanned in 27.5W and receive all the channels, however, intermittently, the picture is jerky on the HD channels only, SD is fine, turning the box off and on again doesn't clear it...
  19. dantis

    Trying to connect to NAS

    I have a TP-Link WR842ND router which has a USB drive to which I have plugged in a 2TB HDD and set up file sharing in the admin menu ( and also FTP, it has given me as the access IP address. I can access the HDD via my PC's no problem from the 'Libraries' page...
  20. dantis

    Routers ADSL or Broadband?

    I have a friend who has an ADSL router, I want to add a second router flashed with DD-WRT utilising a VPN using OpenVPN and wired WAN to LAN to keep the networks separate. My only experience is with broadband routers, so my question is does the second router also need to be an ADSL router or...