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  1. river4ever

    Sensible Topic Seeing another life after death

    Stories like this absolutely fascinate me. Slightly controversial due to those that are religious. Personally i think we are just well developed apes and in 1000 years (if earth still rotates) will scare the pipe clean out of me with advances in tech and so on. But time and time again those who...
  2. river4ever

    IPTV smarters

    river4ever submitted a new Download: IPTV smarters - IPTV smarters Read more about this resource...
  3. river4ever

    Amazon selling isle of man TT body warmers

    Seems amazon sales are booming. Seriously!!!! Go to amazon UK. And type in....... “isle of man tt body warmers” Scroll down! 😂
  4. river4ever

    Experience with OVH servers

    So finally getting round to this. Been looking at server OVH: Processor: Intel Xeon-D 1521 - 4 c / 8 t - 2.4 GHz / 2.7 GHz Memory: 16GB Disk: 4×4TB HDD SATA + 1×500GB SSD NVMe Public network: From 500 Mbps Private network: From 100 Mbps Not bad price. The reason...
  5. river4ever

    Lost near 500 likes

    Was making few changes on my account. Came across reactions and it says i have “991” likes but only showing “522” likes?
  6. river4ever

    Modern Warfare

    Well its been over 10 years since “call of duty” have made a great game. Nothing came close to MW2, they tried but failed. This year looks like they have no listened to fans and made a game that will be a classic. First time ever, players on XBOX, PLAYSTATION and PC can all play together. I...
  7. river4ever

    Netflix price rise.

    Netflix has confirmed that customers in the UK will now have to pay more for their subscriptions. The standard tariff, which means you can stream TV shows and movies to two devices at the same time, was £7.99 but will now be £8.99. The premium tariff, which lets you stream to four devices, will...
  8. river4ever

    Playstation mini

    Not really been gaming of recent. But going to snap up a PS mini classic. (after all the PS1 was the best)!!! Done a bit of price checking and in or around £40. 🙂 Whats the setup up with the games? Seriously only 20 games comes built in? Is there ROMs that can run on these from certain...
  9. river4ever

    Champions league and Europa leauge finals free stream and UHD on vermin

    Virgin TV customers can tune in for free to watch both matches in HD on Channel 100. If you have a V6 set top box, you can watch the two finals in 4K UHD on Channel 532. You can also watch it on youtube but its not in UHD. For those outside UK and Ireland may need a VPN running in UK to access...
  10. river4ever

    Phone is listening in on you

    I have been saying for over a year now that my phone has been listening in on me. I think i mentioned on here also. But there has been so many times i get adverts that i have had no interest in, this is mainly sitting with my ms and her talking crap, i have to answer her to keep everything on...
  11. river4ever

    Sensible Topic Huawei phones (trade war)?

    Trump and Chinese goverment have been at each others throats over trade for awhile now. Is it very convenient to say Huawei is a spying tech company at these times? Surely the biggest country in world that spies is USA goverment. Seems now this trade war has become a dirty war. First, 5G (Huawei...
  12. river4ever

    SLY HD C/S scammers at it again.

    READ CAREFULLY. EMAILS AND WHATSAPP BEING SENT. THERE EVEN TROLLING FORUM SITES. (BELOW IS WHATSAPP MESSAGE FORWARDED TO ME FROM THEM) If you people want the sky uk HD system (LINES) than we can sell at what price we like at the momment i can only buy boxes as a reseller we dont have...
  13. river4ever

    new phone advise

    That time has come for me with new phone, currently on sim only contract but can come out of it with upgrade. Current phone is old iPhone 5s, the phone has never missed a beat since the first time it was switched on. At the moment im considering “iPhone X” i have always been an iPhone user...
  14. river4ever

    Some Sly sports HD gone on IP*V

    Does anyone know why some sly sports FHD & HD is gone on IP*V? (SD is ok) I tried 4 different servers there and all the same?
  15. river4ever

    If you dug straight through earths core where you end up

    Probably a useless thread but interesting. LOL. If you dug a hole from your home straight through earths core, where would you end up? I ended up about 20 miles of New Zealand south coast. Antipodes Map - Tunnel to the other side of the world
  16. river4ever

    Northern Ireland cash withdraws.

    Happening every night now. Even take one get one free. 😂
  17. river4ever

    Plex server caught selling

    This is the first time i recall a plex server host being roasted for sharing his plex server. No doubt them as*holes will get plex shut down if it continues, and that would be a shame as its a great platform. Source: BREIN Goes After 'Pirate' Plex Share With Thousands of Movies and TV-Shows -...
  18. river4ever

    Amir Khan fight. LOL

    I really have to put thread in the tiggle and funny room. What shocks me is the road runners niece. Do dick heads pay to watch that. £20 it cost me. Happy easter folks. 😂 Enjoy. 🤔
  19. river4ever

    Card sharing going on 19.2°e

    EDIT: Issue resolved.