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    Android Abox A3 Android Kodi box/Krypton 17 Upgrade

    Despite numerous research I'm unable to locate a pre-installed Krypton for the Kodi box. The Abox A3 Android to box is possibly our new box as our current one still runs on 4.4.2 which Krypton requires 5.0 Lollypop or whatever it's named. Can anyone recommend a powerful, with decent rom Anroid...
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    Tablet + CCTV setup & Guidance.

    I've currently got an unused a basic cheap Android tablet that I wish to combine with a CCTV camera for the prevention of theft and recording. I'm aware there's cctv camera IP types and hard wired too, the tablet is likely to be on mains power and if I can hardware a cctv camera unit then so be...