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  1. Zooropa

    Stbemu pro android

    Anyone got the latest pro version for Android ...using free but when the adverts come on along the top the stream goes all slow and has to catch up..cheers
  2. Zooropa

    24/7 streaming movies

    Any ideas where i can find the main site that streams movies 24/7 like the streams on mobdro,i know mobdro scans for streams online so there must be a main site that their all coming from like horror24/7 and comedy 24/7 etc
  3. Zooropa

    How can i root my t95m 2gb android box

    As title says, i have tried king root and other programs that say they can root any android device but they just don't work...any ideas
  4. Zooropa

    m3u files on kodi 7.1 and vlc player

    Thought id try and mess around with using m3u files for live tv,quality is brilliant but stream keeps going off every 10-15 seconds then comes back again but does the same...ive even tried vlc player but still the same,tried everything that ive searched on to correct it but cant seem to get a...
  5. Zooropa

    Other Solid Streamz problem

    Been using this on my Android box for a while now but since yesterday when i launch it i get "wrong password and username" anyone else get this message as its a free app to use
  6. Zooropa

    Any good Sky Sports News HD streams available

    Does anyone know of any add-ons with a good quality sky sports news stream :) All the ones i have are awful and blocky
  7. Zooropa

    Mobdro problems on Android box

    Installed this on my mobile and works a treat but on my mxq box when I try movies the circle keeps spinning so nothing comes up...I installed the Apk from their website Sent from my XT1562
  8. Zooropa

    Android Dongles on Amazon

    Has anyone got or used one of these,see the ones on Amazon have 2 gb of ram so would of thought should run quite smoothly..wanna know how Kodi runs on them [emoji3] Sent from my XT1562
  9. Zooropa

    Tumble Dryer Fires

    Anyone here with the faulty tumble dryers,i had a hotpoint aquarius but after watching the news and hearing about them setting on fire i thought f..K that especially with having 3 kids and the wife in the house so phoned hotpoint and was given a 5 month wait for the engineer to turn up and heard...
  10. Zooropa

    Kodi 16 problems

    Updated my android box last night to the new kodi but the box ran so slow and my pulse build wouldnt install properly so ive had to go back to 15.2 and now running like a dream,anyone else having probs with new kodi
  11. Zooropa

    DNA TV server issues

    This started out really well with having to click on programs twice but now getting server issues so nothing starts,anyone else getting the same and is there a way to fix it
  12. Zooropa

    Ghost Adventures Season 12

    Anyone know where i can find this on kodi,been searching everywhere but cant find it.. Typical spend hours looking,just gone on and found it on Stream all the sources add-on
  13. Zooropa

    3D Printing After a cheap decent all in one printer

    My kodak printer has come to the end so need a new one,need one thats cheap on ink but a decent printer and scanner,been told get an Canon then someone else said get a HP so bit confused,wanna spend no more than £60 so any ideas or links of whats best
  14. Zooropa

    Saving mp3 files on kodi

    Been trying for a while now,ive read its possible but havent a clue what to do...want to download albums and singles onto my mobile which has kodi installed [emoji51] ive tried mp3 stream add on where its asks to download file but nothing happens [emoji20] Sent from my GT-P3110 using Tapatalk
  15. Zooropa

    Kodi Search

    Is there anyway of searching kodi with one search engine saves going into each add-on to find what youre looking for...:Proud:
  16. Zooropa

    Buffing problems on my mxq box

    Got my boys a mxq box for their room as we have one in the lounge so they can watch the footy,for some reason this started today on their box but not mine,got theirs hooked up to ethernet cable so no issues with signal but when watching live footy today it kept going back about a second which...
  17. Zooropa

    Updating to Kodi 1.5

    At the minute my android box is running Kodi 14.2 but worried if i do i fresh install of 15.0 i will lose my channels and add-ons etc...will it be ok to uninstall 14.2 and install 15.0 with everything appearing as before :Proud:
  18. Zooropa

    Win 10 Problem with start,search and windows edge browser

    Just wont open,rebooted and all but still wont open,never had this when first installed but hasnt changed for a few days :( Ive heard its a known issue
  19. Zooropa

    WWE legend and They Live star Roddy Piper dies, aged 61

    WWE legend 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper has died, aged 61. News of the Hall of Fame member's passing from natural causes was confirmed by his long-time employer WWE today (July 31). WWE boss Vince McMahon broke the news on Twitter, writing: "Roddy Piper was one of the most entertaining, controversial...
  20. Zooropa

    Connectivity Bluetooth Issues

    Broke the connector while trying to fit a new keyboard on my daughters fujitsui ah530 laptop so decided to buy a Bluetooth keyboard/touchpad so she can still use it but for the life of me the laptop will not connect to it,even tried my phone and it will not pick it up, connected the keyboard to...