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  1. silverdale

    Car leasing or buying ?, first time driver

    Thanks for that but, do you think I need to hear "she will crash it" on the day she past her test ?. I dont give a flyer about stats and all that I just don't like hearing she will have a crash so bollux to stats. Or was your reply a round about kind of apology ? for ffs think before you ink
  2. silverdale

    Car leasing or buying ?, first time driver

    A few years ago we went down the road of buying a cheap car for my son when he past, we got him an old Corsa. What you save on buying a cheap car you lose in the sky high insurance and forever at the garage. We only found out later it would have been cheaper to insure him for a 1.6 1.8 Sport no...
  3. silverdale

    Car leasing or buying ?, first time driver

    And Fridays lottery numbers are ?? ffs lol
  4. silverdale

    Car leasing or buying ?, first time driver

    My daughters just past her test today and were weighing up all options with her. I just wondered are there any deals leasing with/without insurance or any tips advice on her first car?
  5. silverdale

    Sensible Topic Depression?

    I think social media, life pressure to achieve, drugs all add to a rise in depression. I'm not saying these are the sole causes but they do contribute to a gradual rise mental health. Social media is probably one of the biggest reasons for the rise in suicide in today's kids.
  6. silverdale

    Hilook and Hiwatch, whats the difference ?

    simplicity and price. I bought a Hilook for a m8 , 4 camera's 2mp cable and bits and bobs then I used a 1tb HD from a old sky box. Cost total £150 tops that was for everything.
  7. silverdale

    !!YES!!! -I am a banker from Ghana you have a sum of US$7,500,000.00 !!!!!

    Me thinkd you need to reply to Mr Boateng, let's see how far you can take it. I normally get to the point were he want's me to send him money so he can fly his extended family over for our gay marriage
  8. silverdale

    Manchester United thread

    My view on this is, the Utd job is far bigger than anyone anticipated. They say the club alone and it's size and history of Utd will attract the best players ?, wrong. It might have done in years gone by but football has moved on light years and with the likes of the Champion League and money...
  9. silverdale

    Pension advise and Serps

    That's something similar I vaguely remember happening to me while working for Fairclough construction, Faircloughs were eventually was swallowed up by AMEC. i just remember getting this yearly letter saying "If you carry on paying into "XYZ" by the year xxxx you will receive 200k. Ive used the...
  10. silverdale

    Pension advise and Serps

    Good idea thanks
  11. silverdale

    Pension advise and Serps

    Just so there's no confusion, serps in the 80's is were the Gov let you opt out the state pension and contribute it into a private pension
  12. silverdale

    Pension advise and Serps

    So if you paid £78 for a year and it's now at £600 then I'm beginning to think my missus "thinks" she opted back out with the Prud, but actually didn't and carried on paying to a private pension and just didn't know. Otherwise, how could her Prud,pension stand now at 40k unless she paid into it...
  13. silverdale

    Pension advise and Serps

    My wife opted out serps in the late 80's and paid into the Prudential but she seems to think it was only for a very short time before opting back as she was young at the time and low paid but she did work for the same company for 20+ years before been made redundant. She seems to think she only...
  14. silverdale

    VU+ Duo capacitor change

    Capacitor failure is one of the easiest to fix that's if you can locate the offending item. Normally there the barrel shape surface mount ones. Look at the top of it and if its bulging upwards then that's the bugger. Flip the board out get some solder wick, solder, smallish soldering iron and...
  15. silverdale

    Signal booster question

    A friend is using a fire tv stick in an bedroom extension but the signal keeps dropping out. If he uses it anywhere else in the house it's fine it's a black spot. He doesn't want cables and the electric running through to the extension is on a separate circuit so he can't use home plugs. I've...
  16. silverdale

    Amir Khan fight. LOL

    He had up to 5 minutes to get over it but decided to pull out the fight after 1 minute from been hit. So now he'll be asking people to pay £20 to fight Brook, a fight that's about 6-7 years too late. Do us all a favour Khan, call it a day and stop stealing a living. Another round against...
  17. silverdale

    Software Error on ZGemma H2S

    First, flash the Zgemma with a bootloader then OpenATV 6.2. Use a small stick say 500mb-1gb or a micro SD in a caddie. Make sure you formatting it with something like SD Formatter and not windows. Zgemmas can be a right tw*t to flash as there fussy as hell with aticks5
  18. silverdale

    Sly Sports News/Mix HD gone ?

    I got to the bottom of it, I was nipping out around teatime yesterday when I noticed a VM engineer at the box at the end of the street. I pulled up and asked him if he was there to look at my problem as I'd booked an engineer for tomorrow, he said no he was there for a property facing me. He...
  19. silverdale

    Sly Sports News/Mix HD gone ?

    Ok thanks but, I manage to pick up 7 channels from one of the missing freqs but all badly pixelating really bad. Ihave a TiVo only basic channels for recording wife's stuff and when I checked on the TiVo luckily some of the same channels on the same freq are freeview on the zgemma and it's...
  20. silverdale

    Sly Sports News/Mix HD gone ?

    How do you do that on openATV 6.2?