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  1. chookey

    Is this for real or is it a comedy show?

    How d'you like my new avatar?
  2. chookey

    free stuff

    He'd only try and smoke them 😂
  3. chookey

    Selling a House , declaring problem neighbours

    Read post #3 mate. Shaun's mother would struggle to say she didn't know or care about her troublesome close neighbours.
  4. chookey

    SLY HD C/S scammers at it again.

    "but for sure he is not a scam the price makes that clear" Charging an exorbitant price is no proof of it being genuine, seems more likely it's to be able to make a killing before the bubble bursts. "he made it clear to me he does not have the solution but reselling for someone" In other words...
  5. chookey

    Just hit 10.000 posts

    A couple of them were even half decent :D Well done Spud
  6. chookey


    This series prompted me to watch an oldish documentary about the incident. The battle of Chernobyl, also worth a watch.
  7. chookey


    I've been watching this new series and so far 3 episodes in it's brilliant. Really powerful, atmospheric and gritty. All in English with no attempt at Russian accents yet it still appears believable, probably aided by the austere, drab looking sets. I'm relying on torrents for my episodes but if...
  8. chookey

    s29gl032n with tsop48pin help

    It's the same thing isn't it?? Top of the diagram is your adapter, pins marked 1-48. You wire the bga to your adapter and tell your programmer software you are reading a TSOP or am I missing something here? I wasn't expecting you to insert a chip in the socket ;)
  9. chookey

    s29gl032n with tsop48pin help

    Thought I'd best answer here rather than pm p2p. It's just a matter of following the pin connections. I've done a small part for you just to show the idea and I've also removed the different pinout for the 064N for clarity. The pin numbers are marked on your adapter so is easy to follow. If you...
  10. chookey

    Nagra block 17c

    You could click your name on the top bar and change your privacy settings to allow conversations
  11. chookey

    Eurovision - Oh Dear Lord...

    Sort of speaks for itself really. 😭😭😭
  12. chookey

    Pli 7.0

  13. chookey

    s29gl032n with tsop48pin help

    The bga adapter is still quite expensive really. Cheapest I seen with a quick look is Aliexpress @$42. This isn't a lot of money but the quality and re-useability of it may be doubtful. @p2p..... Just transpose the bga connections to the tsop diagram I posted. The pinouts are marked on your...
  14. chookey

    Eurovision - Oh Dear Lord...

    I stopped watching this farce in the 90's apart from later glimpses of Terry Wogan barely hiding his contempt for it "as a music contest". Performers such as Englebert Humperdinck finished 25th (out of 26) with only 12 points, and Bonnie Tyler 19th scoring only 23 points??? The UK is one of the...
  15. chookey

    s29gl032n with tsop48pin help

    It's possible if you have neat soldering skills and some very thin wire such as Mylar. I wouldn't fancy it myself though.
  16. chookey

    Chrome or Windows edge

    I've never really given Edge much of a try to be honest. If I remember correctly Edge wouldn't import my favourites, passwords etc; so I stuck with Chrome. I know it's not too difficult to incorporate them anyway but thought it was something the browser should have handled. I vaguely remember...
  17. chookey

    Is this for real or is it a comedy show?

    You think Brexiteers are soft in the head for wanting to leave Europe, yet you believe a united Ireland will happen soon.
  18. chookey

    Be careful out there

    It looks exhausted. :rolleyes:
  19. chookey

    Manchester United thread

    Must have been at Brighton or Liverpool then 😂😂😂
  20. chookey

    Manchester City Thread

    Probably currently the 2 best teams on the Planet fighting it out to the very end. Well done to both teams. :D