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  1. pil196

    wanted openbox s10 or 11

    Wanted openbox s10 or 11 any one have any recommendations thanks
  2. pil196

    dm500 and commando what next

    just put your CCcam in to VAR/BIN/EMU and your CCcam.cfg into VAR/ETC i would use CCCam 2.1.3 for the dm500 once you have done that edit the CCCam.cfg by deleting every thing in it and then enter in your line.
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    some info BBC News - Meteor witnessed across Britain
  4. pil196

    PS3 Bluray broken

    i would first be tempted to look at this thread i have had a few drive problems in the past and found it to be the mosfet chip that powers the bl drive look at the pic in the thread to locate your mosfet chip. i have in the past used a replacement mosfet from an old rrod xbox 360 and it works...
  5. pil196

    Pocket pc sat nav problem?

    cheers m8 them links are really helping i think im getting somewear now i have managed to get miopocket installed on this thing and WoW what an app i have loads ov sat nav options now igo and tomtom and others but when i select tomtom or igo it is requesting the exe files so was wondering...
  6. pil196

    Pocket pc sat nav problem?

    well i cant find the original for looking let alone by accident lol but to be honest i cant really remember what was the original navigation on this thing
  7. pil196

    Pocket pc sat nav problem?

    thanks guys i will get a bigger mem card how come you cant get the origanal navigation files for this pda ive searched all the net and cant find anything must be medion crap
  8. pil196

    Pocket pc sat nav problem?

    cheers bud but tomtom looks a bit over my head to install i think i have another mem card but its only 256 so thinking about trying to install Medion navigator but i cant find it thanks
  9. pil196

    Pocket pc sat nav problem?

    thanks m8 i have newgroups i will have a look
  10. pil196

    Pocket pc sat nav problem?

    Hi all i have a problem i need some help with if poss i have a medion pocket pc Md95025 and i used to use it as a sat nav but the problem is i have lost the memory card out of it that used to have the sat nav files on it so what are my options to get this working as a sat nav again? thanks...
  11. pil196

    xbox buffs need solution/cause

    first try another power brick if still no go look at the capacitors on the power board to see if the tops are bulging slightly if so replace them capacitors
  12. pil196

    Ordering from the us on the bay?

    thanks for all your input guys i shell go for it with the expectation i my need to pay a duty fee thanks once again.
  13. pil196

    Ordering from the us on the bay?

    thanks will try that how will that work then if i have to pay duty and will i most probably have to?
  14. pil196

    Ordering from the us on the bay?

    thank m8 total works out about £60 would i need to be concerned?
  15. pil196

    Ordering from the us on the bay?

    Has any one ever had problems ordering items of the bay from the US ie any extra to pay ect? im thinking of making a purchase but want to do my home work first thanks for any info..
  16. pil196

    Wanted: Faulty Laptops

    whats the p/n of the screen you want for the acer travelmate 2350 i have a few screens laying around i have a aspire 1680 15.4" but im not sure if its the same will need p/n.
  17. pil196

    Art Academy problems?

    i feel such a muppet now lol thanks.
  18. pil196

    Art Academy problems?

    any one know how to get art academy working on the ds i have d/loaded it but it is a 7z file not nds file i have put it on the ds as it is and it doesn't show in the game folder so i renamed the file to nds and it shows in the game folder but has a question mark on it and wont run? thanks...
  19. pil196

    [WANTED] Lap Top HDD

    sata or ide?
  20. pil196

    Xbox Spares

    i try not to do to many as its very time consuming and the xbox mother board is that cheaply made it flex's under the slightest heat. when im doing my next batch i will drop you a pm