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    iPhone 3GS unlock orange

    I no this is a long shot but bought my niece a 3GS second hand for Xmas but it's locked to orange and need it to be on another network but orange won't unlock it for me cause I'm not a customer of there's and you have to be for at least 3 months would anyone kindly be able to request an unlock...
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    iPhone iPhone 4s from USA will this work

    Can I buy a iPhone 4s from the USA will it work in the uk ? Or do they work anywhere now I want to be able to use uk sims
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    3gs old boot rom jailbreak

    does anyone no if there is a jail break for 3gs old boot rom running ios 5 i no ive red there is a jailbreak using redsnow but i cant be bothered messing about with that
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    Phone Unlocking ZTE MF622 Unlock

    hi ive got an old modem here i want to unlock to other networks but i cant find out about does anyone no how to unlock these and put other networks software on it
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    real or dodgy ?

    ive been looking fo a laptop and it seems to be a few hundred cheaper on this site what do you gus think of the site or is it dodgy
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    CD & DVD burning 50gb bluray

    hi ive downloaded a bluray to fit on a 50gb disc but normally they come as an iso this time its came with 3 folder aacs bdmv and certificate ive tryed to burn this to disc and ps3 recognizes it as a bdmv disk but it wont play at all even in my pc how do you burn these properly to play as i dont...
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    Ps1 games on ps3

    Hi if I download a ps1 game of newsgroups how do I play this on ps3 can't seem to work it out
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    Ps store channel ?

    Is the any pkgs out the for like a app and homebrew store at all apart from that psx web page
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    Ps3 bluray drive help

    I've changed cables so that's not the problem we strip drive down and engage it and put disk in it plays perfect so I no it's ok but the problem is the blue light stays on permanently so when drive is back together it will eject disks but not take them in
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    bluray drive ribbon cable narrow

    hi does anyone no where i can find a bluray drive ribbon cable as i cant seem to find one anywere mine is a narrow cable instead of the standard one
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    ps3 stuck in update loop

    hi can anyone help me tryed updating a 3.50 to 3.55 and it got stuck in an update loop ive tryed all sorts to try get it back out of it but im having no look at all can anyone hlp me at all
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    80gb ps3 replacment

    its a bit of a long shot but ive rang playstation up cause my ps3 broke and i said it was bought from asda living as i new they were selling the 80gb fat models of last year but they want a reciept within the last year to prove it by any chance does anyone have a photocopy of a recipt for one so...
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    Spiderbox epg

    I don't get no tv guide when I go in the epg at all I only get now and next when I go to the channel i thought if you press epg you would get the now and next in there to which is rather annoying it's nearly bed time by the time I find sumet to watch
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    90cm orbital dish

    hi does anyone no where i can find a 90cm orbital sat dish as i cant seem to find one anywere now
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    technisat skystar dvb s2 help

    hi we are stuck what is the best program to use with this card we tried a few but its hard to work out how to use it and we keep getting duplicate channels also we getting blank screen but with sound on and only get picture on hd channels also is it possible to use windows media centre with this...
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    benq flash old firmware or new

    hi ive got a benq drive not bothered about live but is there an old firmware you can put on like some other drives so it will play all waves for kinect or do i have to have the latest firmware on it as my other xbox has a really old firmware on it and it plays everything
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    elonex et700 toys r us

    hi we have got these for the kids but cant seem to do much with them there from toys r us the market place built in the is chinese crap but is the android os how do i get these to run properly with the android marketplace as there is no apps at all many thanks
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    306 meridian 2000 model stereo code help

    ho does anyone no where i can get my car stereo code for a 306 meridian y reg for free obviously lol
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    dvb s2 card help

    hi ive got a htpc i was wanting to get a sat card put into my case will this one be any good and whats your views on it TBS6981 PCI-E DVB S2 HD Dual Tuner Card: Computers & Accessories i can get it a bit cheaper than this tho lol can you use a motorized dish or dual lnb...
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    cinavia help

    ive downloaded resident evil 3d bluray and burned it to bluray disc now ive started playing it in my ps3 and about ten mins in it mutes the sound and says cinavia enabled does anyone no how to disable this