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  1. sheraz2

    log in failed

    hi im hoping one of you guys can help me from going mad. i have recently bought an amiko and ive put server details in and keep getting the error message cant log in someone please save me
  2. sheraz2

    Amiko settings dewsbury

    These finally worked. Thanks
  3. sheraz2

    Amiko settings dewsbury

    Hi all Trying to set up the amiko combo in Dewsbury but the settings are not working. Could the frequency have changed?
  4. sheraz2

    free tunein radio pro , and others ..

    Thanks Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk
  5. sheraz2

    Should I install my new vu+ with vix image

    Tried various images had dreamboxuk for a long time. Tried Vix and love it. Best image ever
  6. sheraz2

    iPhone iOS 6 Jailbreak For iPhone 5 Untethered Is Ready On iOS 6.0.2

    I think intelliscreen x, bitesms and a few other convenient tweaks are well worth jail breaking for.
  7. sheraz2

    Sim in the dreambox

    hi yes i seen the upgrade procedure from sim 1 to ferrari sim, now im hoping i have that sim to make life easy. i will update once i get a chance to play with the box, wont be till a few weeks as im busy with work at the moment.
  8. sheraz2

    Sim in the dreambox

    not sure what board or tuner is in there, i think the tuner is on the way out so will need replacing, i know it is a good couple of years old so will be one of the first dm800hd to be released. was there a sim 1? guess i might have to open it up and have a better look.
  9. sheraz2

    Sim in the dreambox

    Thanks from reading that thread you linked. Apparently you can upgrade the sims. Now to find some one that can do it.
  10. sheraz2

    Sim in the dreambox

    Thanks for that. Right I must have the old one as none of the recent images work. Guess I'm going to have to upgrade the sim.
  11. sheraz2

    Worth spending out for VU+ box

    A vu is definitely worth it. The best box I had by far.
  12. sheraz2

    Sim in the dreambox

    Hi I have an older dreambox and I'm guessing there's an old sim in it as it won't accept newer images and when I try to update the SSl it goes into error no ca found. Where can I get a newer sim from? Can I update the existing one? Any help appreciated. Vu+ so much easier to use.
  13. sheraz2

    [WTD] iPhone swap

    I have a s2 black. 16gb unlocked with box. It's on ics.
  14. sheraz2

    cheapest place in uk to source a dm500s

    there's only clones available. anyway i ordered now cheapest i found was techkers.
  15. sheraz2

    cheapest place in uk to source a dm500s

    whats the cheapest place to get a dm500 in the uk from.
  16. sheraz2

    F/S instant whey

    Offer £20 delivered. Regards
  17. sheraz2

    For sale DM800hd sim 2 "FAULTY TUNER"

    He will for about 10 minutes before it goes again.
  18. sheraz2

    VU+ clone just received.

    I bought an original and thank god I haven't seen any problem with it. To be honest I'm quite bored of it as it just works.
  19. sheraz2

    VU+ clone just received.

    Clones seem to be more trouble than they worth.