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    lose everityng with new ur

    hello everyone yesterday i download the ur images and now all my channels came scrambled i need another configuration before i see all channels from hispasat,astra and eurobird maybe i lose all my data
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    problem tm 600

    hello i want to loader the tm linux my question is where i open the tm linux loader programme in my pc or my box i not see any program into my box i have my ip but the screen caming no internet conexion the ethernet cable is plugin i reboot the box everityn caming with the information the...
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    problem with tm600

    hello everyone i new and i have a big problem:I buy a box tm600 last week but honestly i haven't any idea with this box i connected a ethernet cable but in the screen came no internet connectin i appreciate any help with this box how i download the swofware if a need connect the box into my pc...
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    problem with my tm600

    hello everyone i new and i have a problem: i buy last week a box tm600 and i try connect to internet but i can't. I buy a ethernet cable i imput in the rear of the box and the router but the screen came not internet conection. I want download the sofware but i newbie in this area can any help...