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    Domain Hosting

    Hey I'm looking to set up a blog and looking in to best hosting package on avarage how much disk space do you think a blog will take which will consist of daily posts. i'm looked at 1and1 hosting but they packages seem limited witht the MYSQL databases limits to 100mb. Also shared hosting is a...
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    Homebrew Channel on Modded Wii

    Hey i have a wii chip modded with yaosm 1.9 the version of my wii is 3.0e i was wondering is they any other way of installing HBC without a SD card ? can't seem to find my sd card. I was looking around i think i saw somebody on about installing it through burning a .iso to a disk is this possible?
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    Best Approach to Flash Hitachi 78

    Hey its been a while last time i flashed my 360 using FW toolbox now because of wave 3 i seem to need a update i been reading about the fourm posts and seen that people seem to get they drive briked updating to ix 1.6. so was wondering whats the best method to get to 1.6
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    My mate just txt me saying its the best film ever he has seen he got tickets for advance previews, so i checked imdb to see whats all hype about and shiit its been rated No 1 with 9.5 rating anyone eles seen it
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    Any Graphic designers out there or creative multimedia people???

    Hey people just done ma graduation ceremony. and i think its time for me to get a fulltime job in the real world. Just wondering if there’s any people who already in the creative media industry. that could offer me any advice for breaking in and getting job. what do they look for and expect etc..
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    Work offline message box pops up

    Hey i've recently set a pc up installed few apps including office etc, and now and again i get a box popping up advising of 'Work Offline.' I can either click on Work Offline or Try Again. It only happens sometimes, what can I do to stop this from happening? The pc has no connection to the...
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    Police around my area

    There has been a lot of cops patroling about for the last 3 days in my area, the other day i went to get a late night much and cop pulled a turn and went on the opposite side of the road, been pretty irratic driving and i saw a audi a3 pulled over they had the guy pulled over for 40 minz and...
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    Using 2 graphics cards for quad output

    Is it possible to use 2 graphics cards for a quad moniter output. for example having a pci card and a pci express card. will that combination work at the minute i have a geforce 8600 with dual mointer setup so im thinking of using my old pci card which has 2 outputs aswell any ideas
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    Network Provider A little problem with txt messages

    Hey i got a three sim on contract i put it in my 8600 fone and i don’t think it is a 3g fone but it works perfect but i seem to have a problem with text messages. The majority of txt i receive are fine except for one of certain people (maybe its the network they on) but it takes ages to receive...
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    Wanted Sony Hi Md Mini Disk

    Hey been looking for Sony Hi-MD mini disk player/recorder mines broken and i have a large music collection stuck on mini disk
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    Skip Hire

    Seems like springs around the corner, so i have got a lot of tidying up to do like clear the garage and garden out, so i wondering how much should i expect to pay to hire a small skip out? anybody know cheers
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    Wanted 3g phone

    hey mines on the verge of dying so need a replacement if anyones got one let me kno
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    Pc Has Died

    Hey got a bit of a strange problem, last night was on my pc everything fine turn it off and then turn it on this morning noting happend i tried disconnecting the power to see if worked nothing happend. so i disconnected all components sound card gfx cd/dvd drive everything except for ram. and...
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    buying a bmw advice

    hey i been looking around at buying a 1996 e36 bmw has anyone owned one and any advice i seen some on autotrader and they have high milage like 130k but will it be alright if it has full service history
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    Water Filters

    Hey been healthy and everything and drinking lots of water now days. Just been reading up on waterfilters how they clean it up from chemicals. so im thinking of buying a water filter anyone use a waterfilter at home? or whats your opinions on them i'm thinking of geting a brita one
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    Multi Screen Advice

    Recently i been working on a resturant and it has fitted in 4 mointers to display menus, adverts and promotions etc i was just wondering what would be the best system to have 4 different promotions running so far in mind i have idea of running the menu/adverts through a video format eg...
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    Phone Unlocking Unlocking n95 8gb

    hi does anybody know if i can get my n95 8gb unlocked its on three network, i rang around some local places they saying they can only do the vodaphone version.
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    Custom Cooling cases

    Hey just fixed my 360 from RROD using xclamp removal method, i noticed the gpu/cpu still gets quite hot so i was wondering does anybody know of any cases on the market that have fans built inside them
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    How much you think i would get for me old pc

    Hey guys im thinking of upgrading my pc and making a pc out of my old compentents and selling it. tell me how much you think it would be worth Processor: amd athalon 4200+ X2 Dual Core Motherboard: Asus A8N SLi- Delux Memory: 2 GB DDR 400 Graphics: Nvidia 6800 256 SLI HDD: 160 DVD RW...
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    Swaping Drives

    I have a samsung ms28 drive which is flashed, i was wondering if i buy a new 360 would i be able put my old samsung drive and have it running in the new 360. Cheers