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  1. janobi


    I've got 2x 887 Cisco routers, a 877 Cisco router, and a 2760 Draytek Vigor router. Anyone is welcome to them, I have PSUs for all of them as well. You just need to pay the postage. Let me know if anyone is interested :)
  2. janobi

    Xbox one S £199

    Tesco/amazon are currently doing the xbox one S for £225. On hotdealsuk, there is a code for tesco, and you can get £25 off. So you can get a xbox one S with fifa 17 for £199 delivered. Use code : TDX-HTNK at checkout. Original link; FIFA 17 500GB Xbox One S Console Bundle -...
  3. janobi


    Why is the EPG so shit on these boxes. Is there anyway to change/update it to work/look better. Now and next would be great, or is this already available, and needs to be activated? Or do I need to apply a skin?
  4. janobi

    Who's been busted? Who's been caught then? Looks like a paid for cs server and service ;)
  5. janobi

    RGH Xbox 360 4GB Slim version

    Ive got a 360 slim 4GB version for sale. Its been RGH'd, and currently has a 750Gb HDD installed. Comes with games, DLC and various other things on it. Has latest dashboard, and dashlaunch. Also on the latest kernel. Leads and controller included as well. Reason for selling, is that...
  6. janobi

    Update RGH

    Is there a way I can update an RGH console without the nand file. I need to update the dashboard to the latest build to play the latest games. There used to be something on XPG that you could run to update the console as long as it was on the same network. I can get the nand dump, but not...
  7. janobi

    Ncie san

    NCIE course for Expert level SAN qualification!tJkQlQiS!xGpXqzOerhcqstjgnQI6AQ
  8. janobi

    NCDA - Netapp Cluster Mode

    Complete course for cluster mode certified data administrator!cQtWzAIC!9o75UD8pHvPR_kLGz8kv1A
  9. janobi

    NCDA - Netapp 7 mode

    Complete course for Netapp 7 mode certified data administrator!dRMTwbII!c47dSYiPMNuaogCR_hDg9Q
  10. janobi

    Dcict - 640-916

    CBTNuggests course for the above;!NA0BVAQK!ih5THtx6gnARf7mQ1xZP4g
  11. janobi

    Dcicn - 640-911

    The full nugget collection of said course;!gAlmmRJB!NXfAX5xbivCpQMNbmZ6_mA
  12. janobi

    Guides and Info Netapp Professional Courses

    Here are the student guides, and lab guides for both NCDA courses 7-mode and Cluster mode. These are the official guides, and from the courses presented by fastlane.!dRMTwbII!c47dSYiPMNuaogCR_hDg9Q - 7 Mode!cQtWzAIC!9o75UD8pHvPR_kLGz8kv1A - CDOT
  13. janobi

    MSM460 HP Wireless AP

    I have 2x BNIB HO Wireless AP's. These are MSM460 models, that support upto 1gbps. Lifetime warranty via HP, so if they break, HP will replace for free :) £300 Each, but I'm open to sensible offers...
  14. janobi

    Titanfall £37

    TitanFall £37
  15. janobi

    Thief XBox One

    Thief for the Xbox One - £33.95
  16. janobi

    janobi has submitted a scored quiz entry with a 76%!

    janobi has completed the scored quiz Mick's General Knowledge Quiz No 1 and got a 76%. Follow this link to view their quiz - Mick's General Knowledge Quiz No 1.
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    janobi has submitted a scored quiz entry with a 88%!

    janobi has completed the scored quiz Mick's Christmas Quiz and got a 88%. Follow this link to view their quiz - Mick's Christmas Quiz.
  18. janobi

    Signed Football Shirts

    Ok, I have 3 signed football shirts for sale. 1 x Argentina shirt, signed by all the legends, this is signed by Batistuta, Maradonna and many more. £50 1 x Wales shirt, signed by Coleman, Speed, Bellamy and rest of the team. This one is an actual team shirt, #19 on front and back. £50 1...
  19. janobi

    Various 360 gear

    Ok I have some items for sale. I have 2 x xbox 360 slims for sale. 1 x 250gb Slim with RGH Coolrunner installed, running FSD. (Boxed) - £220 delivered 1x 4gb Slim confirmed as a trinity Mobo (Boxed) - £120 delivered 1 x Kinect with Kinect adventures - £50 delivered 1 x Fighters...
  20. janobi

    X720 leaked document ;),2817,2405922,00.asp Apparently a leaked document from MS about the new console. Make of it what you will, some are saying its from 2010 others believe it to be real :)