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  1. fisal

    wii games not working`

    ive burnt the games at 2x using img burn verbatim dvd-r installed latest softmii every time a game loads, it says game disc could not be read, refer to manual plz help
  2. fisal

    Phone Unlocking Barred phones!

    there is a guy who lives near by who debars phone, it actually works, i gave him a blocked n95 gb on orange and he got it unblocked, any1 know how?
  3. fisal

    kaka to man city!

    who thinks he will go i think so 200k a week, no1 will say no
  4. fisal

    keep getting read error 349

    ive installed starfall ive run everything about twice now but stil keep getting this error, has anyone else experienced this i started of on 3.3E, then ran the twighlight hack, then ran the downgrader, now im on 3.2E im really stuck on what to do. Thanks
  5. fisal

    region free?

    before i start downloading a USA game from torrent sites, using the backup loader to play games other than from EU thanks
  6. fisal


    what does it do. ive installed it i think how do i make sure its installed. thanks english's guide is very good used to softmod mine, thanks also when downloading games of the internet do i need 2 remove the update, if so, how please? thanks
  7. fisal

    ds one

    some games arent working, mostly the latest ones i get 'the saved date TO BE accessed' in a black screen just before the game loads, any help? thanks
  8. fisal

    update memmory stick

    my mate made a pandora battery and mem card for me but it only updates to 3.90 how do i make it install the latest firmware. your help will be appreciated. Thanks
  9. fisal

    my mates car

    someone hit my mates car from the bak at a zebra crossing, as his only 17 he didnt know what to do, his insured 3rd prty fire and theft he only took the guys number plate and his mobile number from the guy and not all his insurance details, they guy told him they will settle it with cash,but...
  10. fisal

    car help corsa cut off switch?

    where does the cut off switch on a 53 plate corsa be, any ideas. Thanks
  11. fisal

    eurovox max blue

    ive got the 21/04/2008 fix of bigmaq toolbar, but i dont know if the box is a clone. will it still be ok or is there a chance of me bricking the box Thanks edit ok its a clone, what the safest fix for my box. Thanks
  12. fisal

    wanted: psp faulty for parts

    i need some parts of psp, switches and pieces of the mainboards if anyones got a very faulty psp and want to sell it let me know
  13. fisal

    passed driving test

    just passed 11 minors, MINOR
  14. fisal

    ds lite all colours £79.99 delivered damaged box
  15. fisal

    starview and digivox down

    wat is the secret code to get in the menu of the starview thanks
  16. fisal

    Phone Unlocking iphone problem

    ive got a us unlocked iphone onv 1.1.1 but i cant hear noone and they cant hear me unless the speaker is on. any help, as ive checked the net and all they say is put the headphones in and out and it should work but it doesnt. Also does anyone know how i can reunlock my phone onto 1.1.1 as...
  17. fisal

    corrupted data

    i recently downgraded a psp for my mate, its on 3.71 m33-2 but when he puts a iso in the iso folder is comes up as corrupted date. any help guys thanks
  18. fisal

    Free Durex Condom
  19. fisal


    i have a starview clone here, it says its got 4.00 firmware on it, but when i scan it the channels dont work, what is the latest firmware for the clones. Thanks alot
  20. fisal

    3 Free iTunes Songs - Hurry

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