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    Sensible Topic Shamina Begum

    To be fair Ian, even if she was a red headed Scot, if she had run of to be a Jihadi Isis Bride she would have converted to Islam so would be a Muslim and you would have and issue and that would be with the fact that she ran off to be a jihadi isis bride. Now if the same red headed Scot ran off...
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    Sensible Topic Shamina Begum

    I think that you are more talking about discrimination rather than racism. People in Isis or Jihadis, can be of any race, so it is not racism, on the other hand they can only be of the Islamic religion. Therefore if you then treat all Muslims because you perceive them all to be in Isis or to be...
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    Sensible Topic Shamina Begum

    I had that conversation with the wife, and I think it depends on the circumstances i.e. going on holiday is a complete no no. Being evacuated from a natural disaster, civil war etc, 1st on the plane (hopefully with doctors on board the plane). No commercial aircraft would allow her on board...
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    Sensible Topic Shamina Begum

    I think its because she wants to come back even though she will face prosecution we do not want her. Now if on the other had she had been captured by the Syrians, we would be falling over ourselves and pay expensive lawyer fees to get extradition.
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    Sensible Topic Shamina Begum

    Everyone deserves their day in court if not we become a dictactorship Although I some what agree with the sentiment she has not been found guilty of anything Once found guilty I totally agree Because its against international law They should be able to take the child away and put it up...
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    Sensible Topic Shamina Begum

    Basically we have no choice it is international law
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    Sensible Topic Shamina Begum

    Totally agree, the only way we could not let her back in is to acknowledge ISIS as a recognised country - that would be very bad.
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    CS to be fazed out rumour

    VM are different than sky in he fact that with sky anyone can point a dish at the satellite and get a signal. With VM they control who gets a signal so "most" people who CS still have some sort of service that they pay for with VM. I think tat VM are worried that if they stopped CS that they...
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    You need to tell us more
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    Mag boxes getting blocked

    Perfect example of how to get a like on your 1st post
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    Mobile Phones Time for a new phone Huawei or sammy

    This should work for you Huawei P20 Pro Prevent Android firmware updates- Solved
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    Total Newb needs advice pls

    Both are easy Mag box / STB Emu - give the MAC Address displayed on the screen to your provider. type the URL portal address into the box. Smarters / perfect player etc Type in the URL portal EPG URL, user name and password
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    Total Newb needs advice pls

    Or get a android box and use STB Emu (if you want Mag) or use IPTV smarters or loads of other APKs
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    3D-Printed electric motorbike

    Can you 3d print a petrol engine in plastic? Would it not explode?
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    Snow the UK stops

    I live on a road that leads to about 5 other roads that all sort of lead to a dead end, the road out is about a 15 degree incline. We do not get gritted and the first few cars that drive on the virgin snow are grate, then you get the compound snow and ice and all the cars slip down the hill...
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    Leaflet/Booklet Software

    MS Publisher, comes with office so if you are familiar with word etc it should be fairly easy to pick up
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    Iptv bouquets

    Will it not need to be dependent on the supplier you are using?
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    Mobile Phones Time for a new phone Huawei or sammy

    To be fair I know lots of people that have gone from Samsung to Huawei but I dont know anyone who would now go back to Samsung
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    Mobile Phones Time for a new phone Huawei or sammy

    Love my P20 Pro, good battery, fast charging easily navigable, I like having a physical home button, really cant fault it
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    Need a receiver that can power a motorised dish

    Any build on its own will not allow access to encrypted cable channels, for that you will need to dig deeper