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  1. sneaker

    is there software other than nero that can overburn cds please

    This claims to do DeepBurner, and it's free.
  2. sneaker

    It's back again !!! Free Wilkinson Sword Hydro Sense 5 Razor

    Well mine arrived today but I ordered a day before spud1966 posted this thread, so yours should be with you all Monday/Tuesday.
  3. sneaker

    Ripping dvd

    I used to use DVDFab Platinum, if You want it let Me know.
  4. sneaker

    tonights view from my office

    I'm not jealous.....honest. I'm looking forward to the forecasted four days of 70mph wind and rain we are going to get @gez.
  5. sneaker

    Tea TV v3.0r

    I would of thought this would be better info in the kodi section, another good tip if you are using an Android box or firestick and a pairing program, is to also d/l the Amazon silk browser to open the Olpair page, because once you have paired the Silk browser does't just automatically jump to a...
  6. sneaker

    HEVC Video Extensions for Windows

    Just download vlc player it plays them fine.
  7. sneaker

    Welcome back

    Did the Mrs pull the plug out to do the hoovering @Mick :)
  8. sneaker

    Apollo Tv Beta.

    I wouldn't get too excited yet, but it's progress. Hopefully we will have a fully working version soon.
  9. sneaker

    Apollo Tv Beta.

    Well something has finally arrived, still in BETA but it's something. Apollo Tv apk
  10. sneaker

    old mx

    Does this look right, MX How old is the box and do you remember which version of Android it had on it and which A9 cpu was it Amlogic or Rockchip etc, the link above is for Jellybean 4.2.2 and is using an amlogic cpu
  11. sneaker

    Netflix not scrolling on android box

    It can be ballache, I know with My android box remote it is useless. With the I8 mouse keyboard I hold the left mouse button and scroll up and down with the movement pad to find an episode, once found let go of the left mouse button move the mouse pointer over the episode then click it with left...
  12. sneaker


    What have you tried to install, i'll check it.
  13. sneaker


    I take it you have enabled d/l from unknown sources in kodi system addons?
  14. sneaker


    Have you installed kodi 17.6? as Leia 18 needs repo's specially made for it. The best way to install a repo is by using file manager and adding source repo url I find.
  15. sneaker

    old mx

    Try these sites to see if you can find your mx box firmware. All Firmware Downloads Android Box update Fix Android TV Box software Firmwares
  16. sneaker

    Gumtree scammer

    The only reason I have used gumtree is to avoid postage. Is nobody in Nuneaton to offer to have a look :)
  17. sneaker

    Gumtree scammer

    Hows this supposed to work? when ever I've bought of gumtree I've bought in person.
  18. sneaker

    windows 10 license key

    Pm sent MOAMB.
  19. sneaker

    Splinter cell exploit files?

    So I've set my XBox's up with xbmc dash, after following an annoying us youtuber who hadn't included the pal exploit :(:), so what to put on next, emulators I suppose.
  20. sneaker

    Free IpTv

    Free m3u playlists only tend to last about 24 hours, but if that will do you as posted there are plenty, try on duckduckgo as well as google.