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  1. silverdale

    [Download] E2iPlayer aka IPTVPlayer plugin 12/2/19

    I stuck it in /tmp then via the blue button on openATV 6.2, I'll try later
  2. silverdale

    [Download] E2iPlayer aka IPTVPlayer plugin 12/2/19

    I've had a look via FTP and there's no IPTV player there.
  3. silverdale

    [Download] E2iPlayer aka IPTVPlayer plugin 12/2/19

    I'm not sure if I've done anything wrong but it installed ok on a zgemma H5 but doesn't show up in plugins and doesn't show in remove plugins either
  4. silverdale

    Manchester United thread

    I'm not a lover of Rugby League but football can learn a few things from it like the; Surrounding of the ref and back chat, I mean, who was worse than Rooney ? calling the ref a cheating tw"t and a c"nt in full view of the TV. Rugby dont stand for it any back chat your sin binned. You can't...
  5. silverdale

    CS to be fazed out rumour

    Lol....rumour ferret but the pongs is getting a little unbearable :)
  6. silverdale

    CS to be fazed out rumour

    I heard a few have received letters regarding certain boxes will be fazed out putting an end to CS for good, Is there any truth in this I shall I archive it in my huge pile of bullsh*t ?.
  7. silverdale

    m3u on magbox

    if you use stbemu ou can change the mac therefor multi room it. stbemu allows you to change the mac per sub
  8. silverdale

    m3u on magbox

    I read the other week there's SW were you can add STBEMU to the mag so you can use MACS
  9. silverdale

    Huawei p8 Lite text question

    Bump this thread, I have a Huawei p8 lite 2017. Is it possible to enlarge the actual size of the text when typing a text message ?. I know you can enlarge the size of your once you've sent your texts by pinching the screen but I'm on about the size of font when your actually typing. I've looked...
  10. silverdale

    New vm splitter on installs

    What's the difference from the old Tratec bar the MHz is slightly higher
  11. silverdale

    Recovering lost emails (Windows Live Mail)

    I'm on Windows 7 and to speed up the PC I used a program to do some spring cleaning. All's was well till I went into my Windows live mail and noticed my emails had gone. Then suddenly windows live mail started downloading all the messages I originally had in my inbox as "unread" emails, about...
  12. silverdale

    Weird Zgemma network problem

    @mm2 I normally dont myself, I've done it loads of times but for some reason it went funny
  13. silverdale

    Weird Zgemma network problem

    All's well, I reflashed the box fresh install, it all seem to stem from an online update I did of the software were I backed up the settings and plugins then re installed them from the backup.
  14. silverdale

    Cheap sub £150 CCTV Setup reccomendations please

    If your looking for 8 cameras and 8 channel DVR I'm sorry but you'll get exactly what you pay for. Budget end ? I would say get a Hikvision/Hitwatch 104g or 108g. Start by ripping the HD drive out of an old TiVo or sky box they will do the job fine. Then use:- THC-220 cameras £25 each, Cat5e...
  15. silverdale

    Weird Zgemma network problem

    Thanks, gonna re flash it tomorrow see if it was a bug in the SW
  16. silverdale

    Weird Zgemma network problem

    I just flashed up my Zgemma from scratch + full set up openATV 6.2 , hard wired direct to modem. I normally set it to a static IP so I can FTP to it within the house. All's was well till suddenly it went FTA. I checked and the IP went to I checked all the cables and rebooted the box...
  17. silverdale

    Solicitor recommendation

    Can anyone recommend a decent accident claims Solicitor to take over an accident claim a family member is going through at the moment. I've told her to go elsewhere as the one she's with is doing nothing bar delaying and not responding to emails and this is 3 years in. I cannot go into to much...
  18. silverdale

    Pirate IPTV Device Seller Fined Following Sky Investigation

    1 down about 250,000 more to go, they've not looked on eBay and gumtree lately bloody hell
  19. silverdale

    KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR ntoskrnl.exe 80640

    Ok thank you for the advise will do now