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  1. a_sagad

    Sagem DBox2 not working

    Hi, My sagem dbox2 has stopped all of a sudden. There is no power to it at all, tried different cables but still no luck. Can someone please help as to what it could be and how to get it sorted out. Thanks
  2. a_sagad

    Western Digital Scorpio WD3200BEVT 320GB 2.5" Internal SATA Hard Drive

    Just wondering, will this hard drive fit in the PS3?? Looks like a decent price as well. If not where can I get cheap but decent PS3 hard drives. Thanks
  3. a_sagad

    Can't Flash An Image!!!

    Hi, I have tried to flash my Nokia DBox2 x2 with an ethernet cable and a null modem cable, but it doesn't detect the network, the box doesn't even boot up, it gets stuck before it loads the kernal. I have also tried the null modem option to flash it and it didn't do it. So can anyone...
  4. a_sagad

    Sagem DBox2 Remote Control Problems

    Hi, I've got a Sagem DBOX2, the box seems to be working fine, but the remote is not. If i press up it goes down, the volume buttons just do whatever when pressed, if i press 4 it well go to 5 etc. the remote seems like its got a mind of its own. I've even tried a new remote but the same...
  5. a_sagad

    wot are nvod channels?

    Hi, sorry for asking a weird question but wot channels are vod/nvod channels. I'm a newbie thanks