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  1. Bilals

    half price sky deal

    can anyone help code needed would be great if you can ?
  2. Bilals

    3000 half price sky codes ........

    maybe a little to late but i need a code for the half price sky deal can anybody help please would be great ?
  3. Bilals

    iMac Mac Mini Dual Boot Two Hard drives

    hi got a mac mini 2011 it came with one 500gb hard drive. i wanted to purchase a ssd hard drive so i have two hard drives. what i wanted to know is it possible to have a dual boot im wanting to have windows installed just on the new hard drive? how do i do this ?
  4. Bilals

    opeb box s10 newbie

    hi megaupload not working anymore:( they got busted and the website shutdown can anybody point me to the rite direction i just got a openbox s11 looking for latest firmware and latest channel listings please
  5. Bilals

    OpenBox S11 Wifi Dongle

    which home plug shall i go for?
  6. Bilals

    OpenBox S11 Wifi Dongle

    hi i just got the s11 got no internet connection downstairs can anyone recomend a wireless dongle for a wifi connection thanks
  7. Bilals

    Goodbye vu+duo load of rubish

    Never had a problem with mine good boxes there must be a fault in ten box that you have hope you get it sorted mate
  8. Bilals

    Which Xbox To Get?

    Thanks guys I know how to find a Jasper now. What about the slim how can I tell it can be flashed without opening the xbox up? Can I tell just by ejecting the disc tray ? Thanks
  9. Bilals

    Which Xbox To Get?

    Anyone let me know the answers to my previous post? Thanks
  10. Bilals

    Which Xbox To Get?

    How do i tell if it's a jasper before i buy don't mind the old fat xbox? Also if i do buy a slim which drive am I looking for and how can I tell without opening the slim xbox?? Thanks
  11. Bilals

    Which Xbox To Get?

    Looking for a xbox 360 which one shall I get so many on the market? What do I look out for what year and model? Why go for Jasper ? What about xbox slim can they be modded?? Last thing I want is rrod! Thanks
  12. Bilals

    iPhone Redsn0w 0.9.6rc15

    was wanting Redsn0w 0.9.6rc15 where can i download this from the link is not working thanks
  13. Bilals

    Vu + Duo Remote Control

    Help where can i buy a remote for my vu+duo i lost it can not find it anywhere!
  14. Bilals

    iPhone You Can Now Jailbreak iOS 4.3 Windows

    did redsn0w ever release a untethered jailbreak for 4.3?
  15. Bilals

    iPhone 4.3 JB Possible

    is there a jailbreak out for 4.3 untethered?
  16. Bilals

    Is image installed on new?

    which image would you recomend ? i heard they had problems with the latest vix image ?
  17. Bilals

    Acer Revo 3700

    thanks for the video i guy has commented on the video saying it takes ddr3
  18. Bilals

    Acer Revo 3700

    hello i have just purchased a acer revo 3700 it comes with 2gb of ram i am wanting to upgrade to 4gb of ram. which ram do i need for this and where can i get from. I've not been able to find any info (even at the Acer site) which gives detailed info about the RAM. Can anyone tell me if my...
  19. Bilals

    Need Help Packard Bell Imedia 1507

    i cant get past the xp loading screen
  20. Bilals

    Need Help Packard Bell Imedia 1507

    Help Needed guys how do i do a format and a restore i cant get into windows it keeps freezes at the xp starting window. This does have xp pre-installed no xp discs came with the pc but i have the product key for the xp help would be great thanks