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    BBS Tools v1.0.35 July 2010 - Tomtom Activation Tool

    BBS Tools v1.0.35 July 2010 - Tomtom Activation Tool &

    Here’s this BBS Tools Quick Guide to update our device, given that for some people all this stuff about GPS sounds like double Dutch.
    First of all, I suggest to read all the steps, and then follow the steps in order.

    - First we plug the device to the PC.

    - We do a full Backup of our device and save it in our PC. Then Go to SEARCH DEVICE UNIT and then to FILES/SAVE BACKUP.
    - If the device has a Memory Card SD, I suggest to get another SD of 2GB at least and keep the Original SD aside, just in case you may need it in the future. If you have both a HD and an SD (some GO), you can leave whatever you have in the HD and do all the updates and settings in the SD. I suggest to connect the SD directly into the PC (if you have a card reader) and leave the device aside. However, if you don’t have both a HD and SD, you can plug the device directly into the PC.

    - ¿What shall I update it with? We suggest the TTuser Navcores. The latest ones are 8.413 and 8.351. Choose a suitable one for your device from the Menu NAVCORES AND BOOTLOADER. You can also download the Original Navcores from the TomTom’s WEB. But remember that you won’t be able to use your “bargain” Maps with these original navcores unless you patch the TTsystem.

    - ¿Which map? With the latest Navcores we will be able to use the maps v6, v7 and v8, but if we have a Navcore V7, (except 7.4* y 7.9*), we will only be able to use maps v6 and v7. The latest maps are 830.xxxx If you click on Compatibilities you will find out more about which map can best suit the navcore you are using as well as see the Map’s features.

    - Once you have decided which Navcore and map you are going to use, download it and save it in the PC. You can download the maps from MAPS/TOMTOM 8. Remember that when doing so, you are actually downloading a dlc file. In order to download the map itself you must use this dlc file with the programme called Jdownloader. Here’s a Tutorial and the programme. Jdownloader

    - Some one-country Maps take quite a lot of storage space (almost 2GB), so they will come split in parts. When we have all the map files (in parts), we unzip the first part and the rest of them will unzip automatically. The final outcome after unzipping must be a folder with the map name and quite a few files inside this map folder.

    - Once we have everything we need ready in our PC. We can erase all the contents of our Device. (remember you must already have a backup).

    - We select install the Navcore in HD/SD of our device.

    - When we have the Navcore installed in our device, we unplug it from PC and reboot the device. We must wait until we see the message “No Maps found” in our device. If you don’t see this message, that means something has gone wrong. You must then start all over again. If you see the message, go to the next step.

    - We connect again the device to the PC.

    - Now in BBS Tools we go to SEARCH DEVICE UNIT, and then to MAPS/INSTALL MAPS, we select from the PC the location where we have the map folder and then the application BBS Tools will copy it into the Device Memory HD or SD.

    - Altough we have now the map in our device storage, we won’t be able to use it until we patch it. For that we will use the keygen, go to KEYGEN/PATCH MAPS V7 AND V 8. In the option SELECT MAP we select the map folder from our device that we want to patch, and once you have done that, select ACTIVATE MAP and wait until you see the message of map activated.

    - Now we are going to check that the map works. We reboot the device. We should see the map with no problems.

    - To install more things we connect the device to PC again and wait until BBS Tools recognizes our Device.

    - Now we can install the voices. There are two kinds of voices; Human Voices and Computer Voices. If we choose the human voices, we go to VOICES/LARADIOBBS VOICES, from that window we select the guide voice, SpeedCam warning voice or dingdong voice that we want, we can select the voice language and we can also listen to the chosen one. Then we select INSTALL VOICE and BBS Tools will install the voice in our device in the VOICES folder.
    - If you choose the computer voices, go to VOICES/LOQUENDO and download the voice you are interested in.
    You must install that LoquendoTTS in root of device. (Root = Where all the Folders and files are located in device)

    - Now you can install the SpeedCam Warning voices. Go to VOICES/LARADIOBBS VOICES, and proceed in the same way as with the Guide Voices, choosing the voice you want. The difference between these ones and the DingDong ones is just that the with the dingdong voices you you will hear a dinddong sound before the warning message. They must be installed in the SOUNDS folder.

    -With the SpeedCam warnings go to POIs-ICONS/SPLASH/SPEEDCAM WARNINGS, and choose the warnings you like; from the Robser warnings from Spain and Julio Rocha from Portugal, to the complete Database SCDB of all Europe or the Europe SpeedCam Warnings classified by countries. These warnings must be INSTALLED inside the map folder.
    If you choose to install the TomTom SpeedCam warnings, remember that you will have to run the PATCH MAPS V7 and 8to activate them. With the others speedcam warnings this is not necessary.

    - Now we just have to install the icons for these SpeedCam warnings. Go to POIs-ICONS/SPLASH/GALLERY and from that window choose the icons you like. They must be installed inside the MAP FOLDER.

    - Now reboot the device and config your TomTom Voice warnings. You have to activate the SpeedCam warnings and also you have to select the Guide Voice you want to use.

    -Selecting the Guide Voice: In the main Menu of TomTom, go to CHANGE PREFERENCES/VOICE PREFERENCES/CHANGE VOICE and choose the Human or the Computer Voice. If you have chosen the human voice, you will get a message that these type of voices cannot read messages or warnings.

    - Selecting the SpeedCam warnings: Go to CHANGE PREFERENCES/MANAGE POIs/WARN WHEN NEAR POI, here you select the warnings one by one, then you will specify the distance for the warning (“Warn when closer than:”), and later we choose the SpeedCam Warning that we have installed and we will also have to choose if we want the warning only if POI is on route.


    - FILES/SCREEN CAPTURES. This application will install a SCREEN folder in root that will enable us to take screen captures with our TomTom. To take a capture you must touch the top left corner of the screen. This can be very useful in some situations, for instance, when you want to capture a SpeedCam POI that it is not registered in the data base. When you capture this image, you can see the coordinates of that particular POI in the bottom left corner of the TomTom’s screen and then you will be able to report about it in the forum.

    - FILES/QUICKGPSFIX (SATELLITES)., From that window we select the device that we have and we download some files which contain the updated GPS satellites position. They must be installed in the EPHEM folder.

    - FILES/APPLICATIONS. from that window we can install some very interesting Third Party applications.

    - FILES/HELPME FOLDER. it will install a HELPME folder in root. These files contain help files such as First Aid Guide, Repair and maintenance Help, and some other help files in the MAIN SCREEN/HELP/OTHER GUIDES.

    - FILES/FAVOURITES/SAVE. With this option we can backup the mapsetting.cfg file, which is located in the map folder. This can be very useful once you have done all the Settings specifications in your TomTom.

    - VOICES/CSPEECH. We download and install these files that come in different languages to get the Voice Input. They must be installed in the map folder.

    - VOICES/MUSIC MP3. We can install a MP3 folder in root. Here we can put in mp3 files that we’ll enable us to listen to the music we want in our TomTom.

    - VOICES/VOICE INPUT(ASR). We can install an ASR folder in root that will enable the tomtom to recognise some of our voice commands. It is used with cspeech files and in the audiobooks.

    - POIs-ICONS/SPLASH/POIs. We can install several POIS classified by different categories. They must be located in the map folder. To select them go to CHANGE PREFERENCES/SHOW POI ON MAP, here we select the POIs that we have installed.

    - POIs-ICONS/SPLASH/CAMPSA GUIDE. The Campsa Guide is a Spanish guide for restaurants and hotels, etc. These folders must be installed inside the map folder. Go to CHANGE PREFERENCES/SHOW POI ON MAP, here we select the Campsa Guide.

    - POIs-ICONS/SPLASH/CARS ICONS. We must install the Car Icons inside the ART/CARS folder which is in root. To change it go to CHANGE PREFERENCES/CHANGE CAR SYMBOL, and choose the car image you want.

    - POIs-ICONS/SPLASH/THEMES. It installs different colour Settings in our TomTom inside the SCHEMES Folder. To select it, go to CHANGE PREFERENCES/CHANGE MAP COLOURS/ADVANCED, select the one you like.

    - POIs-ICONS/SPLASH/SPLASH. It will install the Start/Suspend image that you get when you switch on/off your device. You can also install a Low Battery image. They must be installed in root.

    - Once you have installed everything you want, it would be a good idea to do another Backup of the new config and Settings of our Devcie. To do this, go to FILES/SAVE BACKUP.

    - Remember that if you want TomTom Home to recognise your new Maps and TTuser’s Navcores, you will have to Patch the dll in the PC. First, let Tomtom Home to download the dll file, and then you can either download the patched dll which belongs to your original Navcore overwritting the downloaded dll from TTHOME or you can use the BBS Tools Keygen.
    To download the patched dll, go to PATCH TTSYSTEM/HOME DLL/DOWNLOAD DLL (Forum)
    Use the keygen in PATCH TTSYSTEM/HOME DLL/PATCH TTSYSTEM ORI AND HOME DLL. In SEARCH we must select the dll in our PC and go to PATCH DLL and when we get the message “Done”, we will be able to use TomTom Home with our new maps. To find out where you have your dll in your OS, go to PATCH TTSYSTEM/HOME DLL/FIND DLL IN PC.

    - Remember that if you have installed an Original Navcore, you will have to patch the TTsystem. Go to the keygen in PATCH TTSYSTEM/HOME DLL/PATCH TTSYSTEM ORI AND HOME DLL, select the ttsystem file in device and go to PATCH TTSYSTEM. When finished, you will have the Navcore working in your device. Now you just have to reboot the device and wait until you get the message: “No maps found” in device. And continue with the rest of this Quick Guide.

    - Remember that even if we patch the original ttsystem or the original DLL, BBS Tools will create Backups of the original files before patching them, just in case we are not pleased with the final outcome and we wish to go back to our original Settings. In the window PATCH TTSYSTEM/HOME DLL/PATCH TTSYSTEM ORI AND HOME DLL go to RESTORE ORIGINAL in the Ttsystem section or to RESTORE ORIGINAL DLL in the DLL section.

    Download Here

    Thanks Goes To Russ for the guide and file

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    Re: BBS Tools v1.0.35 July 2010 - Tomtom Activation Tool

    Would it be possible to add another link? This one is broken. Thanks.

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