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ZGemma H1 OpenATV 5.0 Backup 2017-06-25

ZGemma H1 OpenATV 5.0 Backup

  1. digi247
    ZGemma H1 OpenATV 5.0 Backup


    Crossepg 0.81 (Tested working with Rytec and openTV providers) **USB Pendrive Required**
    EPGRefresh 2.0 (Tested and setup to capture VM EPG) **USB Pendrive Required**
    Autobouquets C2 Lite (Available from Plugin menu DVBsnoop installed remember to do a full DVB-C scan first before use)
    Autobouquets 2.0 (Tested and working with Sky SD and Sky Ireland SD channels)


    CCcam 2.3.0 (Installed and tested working with a correctly configured CCcam.cfg file if needed)
    MGcamd 1.38 (Installed and tested working with both cccamd.list and newcamd.list simultaneously)
    Oscam_atv_emu 10639 (Installed and tested with working softcam.key for Multisat use. for webif please use 192.168.xxx.xxx:5000)

    Please Note:

    before using Cable Autobouquet you will need to set your Net ID in the Service Searching menu and then do a full manual scan before you run the Autobouquets C2 lite Plugin.

    Satellite Autobouquets will also need to be changed to your own AREA code, Please also change the Sat Config from Multisat to single.


    Click this Link to Download File:
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Recent Reviews

  1. gazzac72
    Version: 2017-06-25
    Hi digi ive downloaded this yesterday did you have any issues with the plugins im trying to get more plugins but all i keep getting is down for maintenance just making sure it isnt me many thanks again great work