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[E2 PLUGIN DOWNLOAD] Xstreamity V2.93 2021-04-19

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Xstreamity V2.93

KiddaC wrote

This release includes the previous mentioned catchup displayed times fix. So it shows HH:MM and not HH:SS
Catchup streams are now forced to be streamtype 4097 and output m3u8. This corrects all strange times in the infobar and seekbar

Quick epg update - I have removed the logic to try and automatically work out the time offsets and reverted to server offset as used in the daily epg.
This might not work for everyone. We will see. And a reminder any provider that is using the new XUI One panels don't have the enigma2.php API so no quick epg for you guys.

Amended the back to live stream functionality.

When you have a played a live stream full screen (not previewed), on exitting stream and back in the channel lists screen, you can press the red back button to return to playing stream. Exit button .. exits.
You can even preview any other channel and still return to previous watched channel now.